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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fa la la la la la..Elements...

Run don't walk over to my dear friend Amy Graver's blog for her company Elements Design. She invited Chocolate Creative Design to guest post today for a Holiday Board!!!

Thank you Ms. Graver for allowing me to just be myself!!!


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dueling Designers...Part Quatre

Well those crazy designers are at it again and this time the insanely talented Miss Amy Graver of Elements Design, presented me with Pantone 165C for a camping themed board. Little did she know..I had just returned from the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont for a full week of campfires, wool blankets, canoeing and dipping my toes into the cool lake. I definitely surprised her as I whipped out my board in a day...Needless to say, I still had Lake on the brain...

Check out Miss Graver's post on her blog Hello Elements!

Elements Design

Chocolate Creative Design
Hammock Image:, Vintage Thermos: Betty's Kitschen, Camper Invite:Modern Classic Kids, Hallway Image: Country Living
Tent Print:Gretchen Mist, Boots:, Vintage Canteen: Projecteur,
Wool blanket image: Country Living, Vintage Chair: Etsy, Tree Print: Old School Stationers, Camping Fabric:Little Swede Heart,
Vintage table: Rerunz Vintage Shop, Marshmallow image: Instructables, Canoe image: Country Living ,Camper image: Flickr, Tea Towel: Leanne Graeff,

Boards created and designed by Elements Design and Chocolate Creative Design


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dueling Designers...Part Trois...

Those crazy dueling designers are back! This time the multi-faceted, multi-talented and fabulously type A Miss Amy Graver of Elements Design, picked one of my favorite colors and themes. It has been one of the hottest summers on record in the Northeast and if I won the lottery, the first thing I would do would be to put in a pool asap!!
This exact blue is abundant in my house and I love to mix it with my favorite color turquoise. I had to add the pink as sadly it is something missing from my house, I have been outnumbered by boys 3-1.
If I close my eyes really tight I can actually see that pool party in the back field surrounded by lavender plants...
A girl can dream can't she?

Chceck out Miss Graver's post on her blog Hello Elements!

Elements Design

Chocolate Creative Design
Chair: Anthropologie, Pool Image:, Swim caps Image:Shannoneileen, Pool Image: weheartit
Glass: Anthropologie, Swim Cap Image:pinkwallpaper, Quote:imgfave, Bath Mat: Anthropologie
Pool Invite: Etsy, Pool Image:dailybitsofbeauty, Bathing Suit: J.Crew, Striped bags:, pinkwallpaper
Pool Image:weheartit, Cupcake Image: Bibbityboppityboo, Lips Image:FFFFOUND, Ice cream cone image: simplesong
Pool image: Slim Aaron, Plate: Anthropologie, Heart Image:weheartit, Umbrella Image: weheartit

Boards created and designed by Elements Design and Chocolate Creative Design


Friday, August 6, 2010

Dueling Designers..Part Deux!

Remember that Rubber Ducky Party Board Challenge started by Miss Amy Graver of Elements Design? Well the tables have been turned and finally it was I who was to choose the color and theme....I couldn't resist picking Pantone 127-5-1 C, a wonderful grass green, as it reminded me of picnics, lawn games, lemonade, deviled eggs and just lying in the cool cool grass counting the clouds in the sky...Miss Graver certainly delivered (as usual) but what I love most.....great minds think alike...Check out Miss Graver's blog for more.....

Elements Design

Chocolate Creative Design
Roasted Apples & Ice Cream: Cannelle et Vanille, Wallpaper: Anthropologie, Skirt, Anthropologie, Bread, Sunday Suppers, Croquet: Jose Villa
Green Bike: Amy Rae, Bento Box: Plastica, Bag: Anthropologie, Mason Jar Lemonades:Farflungfiancee , Shade:Anthropologie, Cheese: Sunday Suppers
Lemon Buttermilk Sherbet Cones; Cannelle et Vanille, Plate: Anthropologie, Audrey Hepburn, Sugar snap peas: Tartlette

Boards created and designed by Elements Design and Chocolate Creative Design


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Let your imagination grow..Pantone #116 & Rubber Ducks..

When someone double dog dares you, you know you have to take the challenge with head held high. So when good friend, the Fabulous Miss Amy Graver, marathon runner, mother of two and owner of the graphic design firm Elements, challenged me to an inspiration board duel....I was game...Bring it on I said...
So when that sneaky Miss Graver picked Pantone 1-1-6 c and told me it was for a rubber ducky party, my knees began to wobble a bit...I mean..I do like yellow but it really is Miss True's love. Yet I was determined, and with my head held high, I delved into the world of Pantone 1-1-6 c will a little help of my favorite friend turquoise..

Miss Graver's beautiful and inspiring board!
I just love the pinwheels!!
Check out her blog!!

Tada!! Here's mine!
shower curtain:anthropologie, yellow box: cannelleetvanille, cannelleetvanille, chair, anthropologie
vintage tin ducks; etsy, pom pom drinks: martha stewart, feather boa,
pom pom pillow, The Story about Ping; etsy, art: ffffound, tart, foodbeam
good day soaps; weheartit, squash flowers: cannelleetvanille, cup: cannelleetvanille
glass balls with feather: chocolatecreativedesign, polka dot cake: countryliving , shorts, anthropologie, duck invite, etsy

So stay tuned for more from the dueling designers...

Thank you Miss Graver for opening my mind and allowing my imagination to grow!!


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