Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Etsy Find...Keep Calm and Carry On Spoof Calendar

This is the greatest concept, and it is only $5 bucks! Your calendar will arrive as a PDF file, so that you may print as many as you like. Print one, print ten or print twenty!

Two months fit on one page, so when assembled, the calendar is 4.25 x 11. Assembly is easy: simply print, cut each sheet in half and punch a hole in the top and tie with string or ribbon. All you need besides the pdf files is a standard color printer and heavy card stock. You'll receive paper recommendations and further instructions with your order.

To order visit the Etsy Shop online.

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Anna at Hank and Willie said...

My coworkers and I are DYING over this. I love it SO MUCH. Off to bat my lashes and pound chocolate, even though it isn't February yet!