Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Wine Tasting... Ruevi Barbera d'Alba 2006

Wine of the Week...

Ruvei Barbera d'Alba 2006

This week I have been trying to be so good at keeping to a strict diet to cleanse myself of all the toxins that have built up in the winter months. Following a recommended plan, Gittleman's Fat Flush Diet, this program is pure discipline and much harder than I ever would have thought. I didn't realize I had become so dependent on #1- coffee, and #2- carbs/sweets. One week into the two week plan I am off to a great start to getting back on track with my diet, and training for the upcoming 1/2 marathon we are running with Team True Event. So even though this is going against my restricted plan and cleanse I couldn't miss a week of Friday Wine Tasting, which I know you all look forward to at the end of the week, as much as I do. So as the snow is falling down outside the windows here in CT, as it has been all day, my latest red wine discovery is a real treat, that you will just love.

I decided to go with an Italian red, a Barbera d'Alba from Ruvei.

What the experts are saying:

89 pts -Robert Parker

I was really surprised by this wine and I love surprises! This wine has a lot more guts and weight to it then your average Barbera. It has a kind of perfumed/earthy nose that continues onto the palate with understated red fruits and dried spices. I always suggest this wine when someone is having Italian, switch out of your Chianti and try this impressive Barbera you won't be sorry! - Maggie's Staff Pick

Vietti's 2006 Barbera d'Alba Tre Vigne is made in the soft, round style that is typical of the wines of Alba. The wine offers up layers of super-ripe dark fruit, leather spices, smoke and earthiness with awesome textural depth and richness. This pure, generous Barbera should continue to drink beautifully for several years. Anticipated maturity: 2008-2012.Vietti is one of the most historic properties in Piedmont. The estate is best known for its top-flight Barolos, yet in recent years I have been equally impressed with the entry-level wines. These are among the finest wines being made anywhere in Italy. The Langhe Nebbiolo Perbacco, which is made from Barolo-classified vineyards, in particular, is one of the great values in wine today.- Wall Street Journal Pick

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let your imagination grow..paper airplanes

Papierkrieg from Makaio Tisu on Vimeo.

Creativity=Imagination and Imagination=Creativity. Neither would be possible without the other. As a graphic designer and stylist, it is integral to exercise my imagination daily. The person who consistantly inspires me and waters my imagination so that it may grow is my 6 3/4 year old son(remember that 3/4 is VERY important). So therefore, I will be filling Thursdays with "Let your Imagination Grow" posts. It will be a day to celebrate those who challenge our imaginations, allow us to see things in a new light and inspire our creativity.

First up is this amazing and brilliant little film by Makaio Tisu. Although it is in German, it certainly proves that language is definately not a barrier and that there is something to be said about the strength and power of our visual imaginations.


Thanks to who inspire me daily!


Latest Interior Design Project... Kitchen Lighting

I have been on a mission lately to find really cool new ways to do lighting for events which is also coinciding with our search for a new kitchen light. Every couple of months it hits us that there are things about the house that we just don't like that seemed livable when we first moved in 3 years ago but now it is hard to imagine that we left them that way for so long. I had saved this image a while back and thought how fantastic when I rediscovered it this morning in my blog folder. Not only is this room filled with happy, exploding color, an eclectic mix of clear, modern chairs, and dreamy dark wood floors it has the most amazing chandelier! This is a room I want to recreate in every detail. Now I just have to get husband on board with my vision.

These are some of my favorites I have found in my search so far. Anything else you are seeing out there that would be fabulous?! I would love your help in the search! Maybe then I can sway husband with the final decision.

Current, Horrible, Existing Chandelier:

Some of my favorites:

Ballard Designs (this is my top pick), Coral Chandelier $299

Z.Gallerie, Glass Links Chandelier $299

CB2, Oversized Equator Pendant, $199

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesdays are for Mood Boards... Rustic Chic Winery Wedding

Flora Bond Necklace Etsy (inspiration)

Today's Mood Board is for Erin (who is also a member of Team True Event) and Dan. They are getting married at Saltwater Farm Vineyard, in October. I am having so much fun redesigning the space with each of my clients celebrating their wedding at the winery. It is such an unbelievably unique space near the water in Stonington. An old airport hanger, turned into a winery, it is the perfect blend of vintage and modern. Erin described her vision as Simple Elegance, Romantic, Rustic, Vintage, and Whimsical.

*Erin has also started her own wedding blog with daily inspiration for a rustic chic wedding, it is absolutely fabulous!*

Taken from one of her posts: The Inspiration...why Rustic Chic

It started with the setting. After a fairly short search (my list of criteria combined with our guest list did not provide for a long list of reception site options in Connecticut) Dan and I chose Saltwater Farm Vineyard as our reception site. The moment we turned down the slightly hidden long dirt drive I knew this was going to be the place.

Pulling up it is as though you are transported to another place, and inside the meticulously revitalized space (I don't dare say renovated as so much of the building's authenticity has been preserved) has such fantastic raw energy. The space was originally a WWII aircraft hangar, which means towering high ceilings with gorgeous exposed wooden beams and ceilings. The space comes as-is... and lends itself perfectly to personalization through colors, textures, linens, flowers, lighting, and all sorts of fabulous details.

While exhilerated by this I was also (ever so slightly) overwhelmed... until I met Sarah True. Sarah is the creative event mastermind who after listening to my chaotic inspiration list (French Provincial meets Paris Chic, vineyard but not too wine focused, fall but not overkill of oranges and yellow, soft & warm lighting, browns, dark blues, dark purples, flowers but not too flowery, candles, lanterns, and the list goes on...) somehow decifered it all into a Rustic Chic inspiration - and it just fit! I am so excited (and lucky) to have Sarah working on our wedding; I cannot image attempting it without her.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Typefaces...Apples & Oranges...

We have been drinking extra amounts of orange juice to keep those nasty bugs away.
I might just have to order these fabulous juice glasses from Crate & Barrel.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Wine Tasting... Leese-Fitch Cabernet Sauvignon

Wine of the Week
Leese-Fitch Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine is a new favorite. What a great cabernet for under $10. Would be a great wine to serve at your wedding. This is a must try.

Tasting Notes: Deep ruby in color, the nose has notes of black cherry, root beer syrup, and cedar. The 2007 vintage of Leese-Fitch Cabernet has flavors of rich berry cobbler, cappuccino, chocolate covered mints, currants & fig cake. It finishes with toasted marshmallows and dried blueberries.

This Cabernet is very complex, with integrated French oak and layered sweet fruit and savory nuances. Pair this wine with hearty fare via-

School's Out! Another day of Firsts...

Image by Coverbrowser.

I can't believe how quickly time flew by and that it is already Winter Break. Didn't they just have a vacation? Alas, we didn't make it to St. Barts this year. However, I got to experience through my child's eyes, a place that I once called home and that I still hold deep in my heart. I still get goosebumps up my spine whenever I enter NYC. The energy and electricity is boundless and there's always that feeling that anything is possible. But it was time. The monster is just about to turn 7 and what better place to take him...The American Museum of Natural History. I honestly hadn't been there since I was his age, so I was just as excited as he was. He was also kind enough to invite his grandparents (my parents) to tag along on this amazing new adventure.
It was almost too easy. We drove in, got there by 10 when the museum opened and literally parked right under it. Which is pretty cool....

"Hurry up Mom...lets' go!!"

It took every restraint for him not to be able to go in and touch everything...
Also, we had to have the discussion that it was alive and now it's dead...good times..Just be prepared for that before you go Moms and Dads!
All kidding aside, as a designer I was in pure heaven. The amazing typography and murals were truly inspiring!

We had been talking about "the" whale for weeks.."How big is it really Mom?". I don't think he was at all disappointed. At the Museum on certain days they actually have sleepovers right underneath the whale..maybe next year.

The colors were overwhelming!

There was no question that the portrait had to be taken underneath "Omi's favorite animal".

We kissed the grandparents goodbye and we headed out into the city hand in hand for a lunch date with Auntie Lisa.
Next time, we will have to go through the live butterfly exhibit...2 hours was just about enough for us...

Just a few blocks away from the Museum (and a favorite old haunt), EJ's Luncheonette is perfect if you are looking for the world's most glorious coffee milkshake!

I am truly blessed to have the most amazing friends in my life. I know I have written about it in past posts but what really makes me happy is the fact that my son appreciates and loves all of these wonderful women too. He has formed a special bond with each of them. I know that down the line the person that he chooses, well.. will have to be a pretty amazing person. They will have to have Lisa's long blond hair and legs, Crista's sense of humor, Anna's soft and soothing voice and Meg's sense of adventure. I loved watching and listening to the dialougue between him and Auntie Lisa, who by the way is married to a rock star..No really she is..Brendan Ryan (Her husband) who is in the group the Bogmen has now with his brother Billy formed a band with, and get this, Gordon Gano formerly of the Violent Femmes. It's called Gordon Gano and the Ryan Brothers..check it out!
So that just elevated her to a whole new level in his book. I have to agree.

Auntie Lisa walked us over to Crumbs..such self control!

Words or images certainly can't help me to express the joyous feeling we both had when we stepped into Crumbs. We love chocolate and we love cupcakes. It's that simple. Not only were the cupcakes to die for and the size of the monster's head but the staff really cared about the customers. The packaging was perfection and their website is a dream!
If I was a bride I would certainly think about calling them up...just saying..

He begged for me to take this picture..I honestly think it was the highlight of his trip.."I took a NYC Taxi!!"

Heading to my parents on Metro North, the super fabulous Lady Train Conductor allowed him to keep his ticket and proudly punched it as quickly as Tom Hanks in The Polar Express.

So, we saw big things, enoromous things, loud things, smelly things, tasty things and tall things but above all it was the small things that mattered. The chocolate milkshake that came out of a steel cup, Grandparents, cupcakes, Trains, Taxi's and even beautiful Auntie Lisa made this a trip he and I will never forget.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TRUE & WESSON Philosophy # 56

Image found via imgfave


DIY From Bottle to Blossom... Anthropologie Spring Windows

Pics from my Iphone shot at Evergreen Walk- Manchester, CT

After getting dumped on with another major storm in the Northeast I am more than ready for Spring! So while at Evergreen Walk the other day signs of spring and bright colors in all of the stores made me oh so very happy. I especially fell in love with the windows at Anthropologie. What a brilliant idea to use recycled water bottles and turn them into flowers. Each bloom was uniquely cut and painted to form the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers! I love this idea for buckets of ceremony arrangements going down the aisle, or even to be strung as garland behind a dessert or candy buffet. The ideas are endless!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Running for a Cause... Life is Good Kids Foundation

Most of you know about my great love of running and all the reasons it is such a huge part of my day-to-day. However, I recently started thinking that I would like to run for something bigger than myself, a reason that would benefit hundreds of people, not just one. A cause that is near and dear to me is the Life is Good Kids Foundation. The Life is Good Kids Foundation supports extraordinary charities that create a lasting positive impact on children facing unfair challenges and life-threatening conditions, including the trauma of violence, poverty, and loss. So, this April 25th, I am running the first of a couple of big races this year for the kids. April 25th is the Nutmeg half marathon in Washington, CT. Not only do we hope for a great team of runners to join us in this mission, but we love the fans and the cheers along the way! In order to join Team True Event you don't have to be a runner, just someone with a passion for helping others. We hope you will join us in supporting this incredible organization.

If you would like to join the True Event Team please email me at or visit my facebook page to become a fan.

Tuesdays are for Mood Boards.....

I love cocktail rings. It's something I don't have in my jewelry box but I think I need to make room for some. I have been trying to challenge myself and stay outside my comfort zone in terms of colors for Tuesday Mood Boards. Although, when I saw this image from the uber talented Phil Poytner, there was absolutely no question of comfort. Ms. True may be the queen of yellow, black and white but I just love how beautifully that the tonal purples and yellows seem to dance with one another. Sheer, flowy and filmy fabrics are seriously hot for Spring 2010 and an easy way to incorporate into a wedding. The color palette actually reminds me of a house where I grew up, where in early spring, about a zillion crocuses would magically appear overnight.
I guess I am ready for spring...can you tell?

A Spring Wedding in the Garden...
Girl Image: Phil Poytner, Dress Image: Debi Treloar, Earrings: Anthropologie, Tie: Hermes, Shoe Image:Weheartit
Vintage poster:Flickr, Shoes: Anthropologie, Vintage Poster: Flickr, Shoe: J.Crew, Necklace: Anthropologie
Vintage Hat Image: myvintagevogue, Plate Image: Lilac Image: thisisglamorous, Dress:Weheartit, Wedding Gown:Vera Wang
Necklace: J.Crew, Suitcase Image: Weheartit, Bridge Image; , Bouquet Image:Instyle Weddings
Flower Image: FFFFOUND, Cupcake Image: FFFFOUND, Wedding Gown:Rosa Clara, Glass: Anthropologie, Lips Image: , Dress:Nordstrom
Flower Image: Imgfave, Top: Anthropologie, Plate Image: Imgfave,Vintage Poster:AllPosters

Board designed and created by Chocolate Creative Design.


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Special Delivery... Gourmet Galley Catering

Decorating with Doilies, Easy and Fun!The Invitation/MenuAnna Lathrop (Owner of Gourmet Galley) making the special delivery
To start, Artisan Cheeses and Fruit
Winter Greens, VinaigretteLobster Bisque Cedar Roasted Salmon, Plum Sauce
Red Wine Braised Short RibsSinful Chocolate Cake, Fresh Berries

*Unfortunately my pictures, shot with my point and shoot, don't do the food justice.*

Last Week husband and I received the most incredible Valentine in the mail from our friends at Gourmet Galley Catering. It was truly one of the nicest gifts we have ever received! An offer to drop in with an intimate, four course dinner for two, hand delivered by Anna Lathrop herself. It seriously doesn't get much better than that!

The menu was carefully crafted and a pure culinary experience from start to finish. We began with artisan cheeses and fresh fruit that we paired with Pink Prosecco, moved on to Lobster bisque and Cream of asparagus soup (sans garlic and specially prepared for me), next we enjoyed a Salad of mixed greens with a delightful vinaigrette dressing and crusty bread with melted sweet butter, the Entree was Braised short ribs for Adam and Cedar plank salmon for me, with the most delicious plum sauce, they both melted in our mouths. For dessert we ended the evening with truly the most sinful, decadent, chocolate cake we have ever tasted, accompanied with fresh berries and whipped cream. It is a night we will always hold close to our hearts and a memory we will cherish for years to come!
Thank you to the team at Gourmet Galley for making our Valentines Day so very extra special!

About Gourmet Galley:
Gourmet Galley is a boutique style caterer with an incredible passion for food, menu creation, and take great pride in customizing the experience for you and your guests. To learn more about what they do you can visit their website or daily blog.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Wine Tasting... Valentine's Day

Wine of the Week...
Riondo Pink Prosecco Raboso
$13.99 (Country Roads in Marlborough, fabulous selection of wines for Valentine's Day)

This is the perfect Valentine's Day wine, and not just because it is festive and pink... although it will work well with my table decor. Prosecco is the perfect way to start the night with light festive bubbles, gentle fruit notes and crisp acidity it is sure to set the tone for a fun night. Food Pairing: Perfect with light Hors D'oeuvres or a salad course.

What Other people are saying:
Transparent and very pretty pale rosy pink,
frizzante but not fully sparkling; frothy bubbles quickly fall back in the glass. Delicate red berries and fresh herbs on the nose; crisp, prickly and fresh on the palate, subtle fruit shaped by good acidity. There may be a distant hint of fresh-fruit sweetness, but with the tart acidity and a pleasant, very slight bitter note in the finish, it comes across as dry. - via winelovers page

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A spoonful of sugar...

Image found via Hull University

Last week in the Wesson household, I had a very very sick little monster. What started out as a 4 hour nap on Wednesday ended up as a 4 day home infirmary. Anyone who knows my little monster, knows that a 4 hour nap is laughable. I don't even think he took one that long when he was just and infant . Honestly, the child runs in his sleep. We even had to put a side gate on his bed as he is doing the Iron Man Triathalon during REM.

So, during our 4 day retreat, I realized that we didn't have a special bin for sick days. We have bins for first aid, bins for unexpected birthday gifts and bins for travel. But what about those important days spent in bed, too achy to move and too tired to think? So in channeling my inner Martha, I realized that I MUST create one. In doing a little research, during the 4 hour nap, I found a few items that I might just have to order to put into this new magical and parent saving bin...

Imaginary play with a Tattoo..How cool is that?!
Monster Hands: $6.99 at Perpetual Kid.

For those sore throats and keeping your monster hydrated!
Fossiliced: $14.99 for a set of 2 at Perpetualkid.

My absolute favorite...Chew By Numbers, Gum Art Kit.
Creating art and getting messy..Fabulous...Plus it allows us parents a bit of silence to catch up on work...
Gum Art Kit: $14.95 at Chew by Numbers.

I would love to hear about any other items that I might be able to put into my new "Sick Bin".