Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Butterflies.... True & Wesson

It seems like yesterday that we were striking a pose for the Marantz’s on what was a very cold but very clear day almost 2 years ago. What we love most about these images? The movement. It represents us to a tee, as we are never standing still for too long. It’s funny, since those images have been taken, the doors have been re-painted and the fabulous yellow, grey and white palette has disappeared. But like those doors, we too are constantly changing, morphing and seeking out new and creative ideas….Isn’t that what designers are supposed to do?

It is our job and our passion to keep moving, we are visual adventurers, always looking for something new to inspire which inevitably gets translated to our clients.

Thanks to all our supporters, clients, friends and family, True Event and Chocolate Creative Design have grown so quickly, never in our wildest dreams could we have ever imagined such growth. Yet, with growth always comes change.

So, instead of just one blog…we will now have 2!!

Our hearts are filled with the love and support of all of our readers…Readers, that surprisingly and amazingly cover the entire globe!!

So, we hope that you will continue to follow along with us. There will be new voices, new inspirations and new ideas to be had…

Some things will forever and always remain the same…We are PASSIONATE about design, we LOVE to collaborate and we absolutely ADORE our clients!

So without further adieu…..

True: True Event blog is on it's way..look for it January 2011-

Meanwhile, we'll still be posting on the True and Wesson blog until the end of the year.

Wesson: Chocolate Creative Design

Check it out!


”If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies.” ~Author Unknown

Monday, November 29, 2010

Chocolate & She Said Yes!!!! Fall Inspiration Series...Cake Toppers.

Run Run Run over to the She Said Yes blog today to check out Chocolate Creative Design's guest post on cake toppers.
The Fabulous Miss Jacin has created an amazing series called Fall Wedding Inspiration.
It is a visual smorgasbord of pure delight with a guest post line up to die for!

Cakes: Here I Bouquets: Sparkle & Hay I Placecards: bWed Exclusive
Paper: Paper Moss I Inspiration Board: Ruby & Willow
Cake Toppers: True & Wesson I Centerpieces: Landlocked Bride

Thank you Miss Jacin, Chocolate Creative Design is deeply honored and touched to be a part of such an amazing project!!


Inspiration to Reality... Thanksgiving

Acorn Squash BeforeAfter
Head Table Set for Thanksgiving
"Kids" table set in the adjoining room

Thanksgiving Preparation

The day before Thanksgiving I went on a hunt for baby pumpkins, let me just tell you this is not the easiest thing to do so close to the holiday. Apparently after Halloween everything automatically switches to Christmas/Holiday decorating and all the pumpkins become evergreen trees and wreaths. So I had to get creative and use acorn squash (side note last night I discovered Whole Foods had the baby pumpkins I was looking for of course after the fact). Anyways I bought metallic gold spray paint and set up a station in the garage and sprayed the squash and a bunch of dried hydrangea I had from the summer, and sprinkled the hydrangea with loose gold glitter. I couldn't believe how well the gold covered the squash, only needing one coat they were instantly transformed, and the glitter on the hydrangea reflected subtly under the light.

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is over and we have already decorated for Christmas at our house, but what I loved about this table is that the gold spray paint can be used for other centerpieces, (i.e. sprayed chestnuts, pomegranates, Boxwood, poinsettias etc.)
Happy Holidays!

Table Components:
Natural Burlap Runner, Jo Anne Fabrics
Tan Linen Hemstitch Linen, Target

14 Karat Gold Spray Paint, Jo Anne Fabrics
Gold Glitter, Martha Stewart Collection, Michael's

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Image found here.

Here's to a Happy Thanksgiving, safe travels, friends and family, a full belly and adjustable waistbands...

Have a great weekend and see you back on Monday!!
It's our first Thanksgiving with Cacti....Bet you can't guess where we are...


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Image via Martha Stewart
So you've spent hours upon hours basting, roasting and watching your turkey finally turn that rich golden brown. The meal lasts all about 3 hours and then.....the leftovers...One of the most delicious sandwiches ever made is with leftover thanksgiving turkey, stuffing and cranberry jelly...hmmm..But what do you do when you still have guests over and have to make another dinner the next night? Well thank god for one of the best magazines EVER published...Everyday Food by Martha Stewart. I could go on and on about this magazine..I have been receiving it for years and have saved Every one...In the Thanksgiving issue, I found something a little different....but very delicious!
We LOVE curry in our house and the Monster is obsessed with broccoli but for those who are not his is the perfect way to hide it and use up that turkey!
What Wasp could resist a good casserole?!

And for Dessert..

In my opinion..you can never have enough pumpkin...
So buy 1 more can when you shop for the pie, make it the same day and then refrigerate.
Voila...yummy new dessert!!

Happy eating everyone!!


Decorating for Thanksgiving...

I love Thanksgiving! It has always been my favorite holiday and time of year, and since we moved into our house 3 years ago we took over hosting it. This year we have 16 people between our families. It is the only holiday throughout the year that we are all together on one day, which is one of the reasons I love it so much!

I also have so much fun thinking about the design of the tables.
Last year I was inspired by a page in Real Simple and did a nontraditional centerpiece with beautiful coral peonies, orchids, ivory burlap and a manzilla branch . Our dining room is a mix of chocolate and ivory colored walls, and a capiz shell chandelier hangs in the center. I love the idea of mixing different textures, colors and natural elements.

This year, being obsessed with all things metallic and glitter I was inspired by a tablescape I found on Martha Stewart and this incredible collection of candles. I would love to know what you are doing for your Thanksgiving table design, and what you have been inspired by.

Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

Saturday, November 20, 2010

26.2 reasons why I run...

This morning is the eve of the Philadelphia Marathon, which will be my fourth marathon. I never set out to be a runner but somehow running found me. It is amazing how something could be so inspiring, motivating, unconditional, exhausting, invigorating, and challenging all at the same time. Running gives me the freedom to move, to go distances I never thought possible, to dream big, reach for goals and to never quit trying. Running clears my head of the clutter and is where I do my best brainstorming. Some days running is my best friend; always there for me, ready to push me to be better, not just at running but in life, work, with family, and friends.

There are more than 26.2 reasons why I run and tomorrow as sister and I (Team True Event) run through the streets of Philadelphia a week before Thanksgiving I will be thinking about all of the reasons I am so thankful that running came into my life. Even when the wall hits at mile 20, that is what usually gets me through, the high/joys of being able to run.

**For those of you interested tracking us follow trueevent on twitter as we pass various mileposts.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fa la la la la la..Elements...

Run don't walk over to my dear friend Amy Graver's blog for her company Elements Design. She invited Chocolate Creative Design to guest post today for a Holiday Board!!!

Thank you Ms. Graver for allowing me to just be myself!!!


When the pieces fall into place..you know it's love...

When designing and styling a wedding, sometimes it's the smallest details that can be the hardest. Choosing a design for details such as escort cards,table numbers and guest books can be seriously overwhelming because believe it or not they can become the most creative elements. I often spend sleepless nights racking my brain thinking of the most out of the box and original idea. It is indeed a puzzle as you want to be as creative as possible but it also has to fit in perfectly with the decor and the story that you are telling.
Well I couldn't believe my eyes when I found this amazingly genius creative idea for the Guest Book!!!!!! A custom puzzle. Now this is no ordinary puzzle, it is made of REAL wood and can have wonderful hidden little pieces like words, names, dates or even shapes.
Where did I find this utter fabulousness?? Bella Puzzles on Etsy!!

The options are endless....

I love that it can be just plain wood...It would look fabulous on a coffee table.

Just having the date can be simple yet elegant.

Guests pick a piece of the puzzle and write on the back..
I am in LOVE with the packaging!!

It even come with pens!! I can't tell you how many times that couples forget the pens for the guest book!
Problem solved.

In my opinion these don't just have to be for weddings....what about a new house, 1st year anniversary, birthday, new baby....the possibilities are endless...

So Thank you Thank you Bella Puzzles for your fabulousness, creativity and allowing me to have a good night's sleep.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Succulents and such....

Last night as I was leafing through my December issue of Instyle Magazine, I couldn't help but notice this amazingly beautiful succulent wreath available at Viva Terra. Now I know what you're thinking...Lucinda, wreaths?? We haven't even gotten through Thanksgiving! Well I say..Why not? Why not use this as table decor for your Thanksgiving table and then hang it on your door for the Holiday season!
I will let you in on a little secret...I LOVE gardening...but I kill houseplants! Sadly, I am not even kidding and the only one that I have successfully maintained is a very teeny tiny cactus.
Therefore, I have become quite obsessed with these low maintenance( and hopefully death proof) plants.
So, I scoured through the internet to find some great succulent ideas for the Thanksgiving table.

I found...

That they can look great in a rustic setting....

Image found via Frolic

image found via House Beautiful

Image found via House Beautiful

Image found via Real Simple

Images found via Jodi Miller Photography

Images found via Jodi Miller Photography

Even better when placed in Grandma's silver that sadly only comes out during the holidays..

Image found via Antique Chase

Image found via Country Living

Image found via JL Designs

Too add some color....

Image found via Country Living

Why not scour through the backyard and cut some of those beautiful yet very invasive bittersweet vines...
which come in beautiful shades of orange, yellow and red.

and then..

For the Holidays..Keep the succulents out and add some Cranberries, Holly berries and/or Pepperberries..

So there you have it, easy peasey, beautiful, low maintenance, DIY and a touch of recycling which is always good for our Earth...


Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Typefaces...With this ring...

Emblem Ring Dish By Anthropologie

The ULTIMATE perfect gift for bride, mother, wife, sister, girlfriend, teacher, boss, co-worker or those crazy Secret Santas!! What yummy packaging!


Friday, November 12, 2010

People that Touch our Lives... Thanks!

Two of my brides recently surprised me with the most thoughtful gifts from Etsy vendors that I just had to share with you all. These designers are so incredibly talented, and make the perfect gifts as you think about bridesmaids gifts, holiday presents, etc. I can't get enough of this fabulous zebra clutch and absolutely gorgeous yellow handmade necklace, they will always remind me of two very special brides and their weddings. Happy Friday everyone!! This Saturday husband and I are celebrating our 6 year wedding anniversary and it is our last wedding of the season!

Oatmeal & Lace (Oatmeal and Lace is offering free shipping November 15-25th)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Big Tease...Sparkle in the Hayfield.....

I absolutely love my monster with all my heart but sometimes I miss out on all those glamorous industry parties. Tonight however, I am heading over to Long Island via Ferry to drink some amazing sparkling wine in the middle of a cornfield at the fabulous Sparkling Pointe Vineyard. Being in that cornfield reminds me of another Sparkle in my life..Miss Erin of Sparkle and Hay! 3 weeks ago Miss Erin became Mrs. Dan Ethier so I couldn't resist a little teaser of hers and Dan's wedding invite!

I promise more is to come...

Happy weekend and I will raise a glass tonight to all those amazing Veterans!!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

TRUE & WESSON Philosophy # 93

Image found via imgfave


A Gallery of Inspiration... Recap of Wedding Row Event

For obvious reasons, when you hear Wedding Row you probably think weddings. Rightfully so. However, the beauty about design inspiration is it can live in multiple facets of our lives. On October 27th, the mavens of Wedding Row joined forces with the design pros at Venetucci Home in Westbrook, CT to create an evening of inspiration through furniture vignettes staged to inspire your wedding, home and life in general and demonstrate how inspiration can truly come from anywhere.

TRUE Event created five different inspiration boards which set the tone for the styled vignettes. On top of that Hana Floral Design provided the stunning flowers, Stonington design + paperie created the paper stories, and the talented Ana Parzyc created the breathtaking cakes, The White Dress by the Shore brought along stunning wedding dresses perfect for each scenario and the Jennie Fresa Beauty Library beautified the live models at the event to help bring each vignette to life. The vignettes and inspiration boards were broken up as Romantic Vintage, Coastal, Romantic, Chamard and TRUE Event - so sit back, start scrolling and enjoy a little inspiration to reality from Wedding Row & Venetucci Home photographed by the lovely Maggie Conley.

From Romantic Vintage Inspiration...

...to Romantic Vintage Reality

From Coastal Inspiration...

...to Coastal Reality
From French Country Inspiration...

...to French Country Reality

From Chamard Winery Inspiration...

...to Chamard Winery Reality

From TRUE Event Inspiration...

...to TRUE Event Reality

A big thank you to everyone that made the evening an absolute success and to Venetucci Home
for being such a great source of inspiration!

Wedding Row members:
True Event – Sarah True/Jennie Fresa Beauty Library /Beneath the Gown/ Stonington design + paperie/ The White Dress by the Shore

Event Contributors:
Cake: Ana Parzyc /Entertainment:Photobooth Planet/ Catering: La Cuisine / Flowers: Hana Floral Design / Men's Attire:Valentino Tailors / Music: Nicole Frechette and Elan Artists (Carte Blanche) / Photography: Maggie Conley /Rentals:Rentals Unlimited / Wine: Chamard Vineyards