Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weddings the Creative Process... Creating a Sensory Experience for Your Event

We are extremely excited to post information today about an event we have been planning over the past couple of months in collaboration with some of the most talented, creative vendors in the industry. With an incredibly special guest speaker, miss Abby Larson from Style Me Pretty.

Abby and her wedding blog, Style Me Pretty, with its inception quickly became a daily read of inspiration not only for us but for brides across the world. We are so honored to have her collaborate with us on this event and to host her in CT.

For more information on the event and the vendors involved check out weddingsthecreativeprocess.blogspot.com, a blog we set up to promote the event and to profile all of the incredible vendors participating. We hope you will all be able to join us on May 3rd at Saltwater Farm Vineyard for this one of a kind event.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Typefaces...Cork

I found these amazing cork letters and phrases from a great site called Distinctly Me.  They would work perfectly for a rustic wedding or at one of our many Connecticut  Vineyards.... The possibilities are endless!

Happy Yellow Monday... Cb2 in Chicago

While in Chicago this past weekend I discovered a CB2 store that I literally could have been in for hours. I am in love with all of the stuff they have in their catalog and online but to see everything in a store, to be able to pick it up and touch it, the products all took on a new life. I wanted everything! It is a good thing I had to fly home otherwise I would have left with much more than a pillow and a placemat. Both yellow of course!
It was almost like they knew I was coming and designed an entire living room and office for TRUE event.
Just look at this fabulous stuff! Next on my list is the zebra print rug and yellow chair for the studio.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Wine Tasting... From the Windy City

Wine of the Week
Lot 205 Charonnay

This weekend we are in Chicago celebrating my husband's birthday and while out to lunch yesterday (at the most amazing little restaurant, Southport Grocery and Cafe) I discovered this delightful Chardonnay. It has great fruit, a nice crispness, not overly oaky, very easy to drink. It is a great find!

Tasting Notes: Showing a particularly ripe, generous aroma of bakedapple, ripe citrus, pineapple, toasty oak and a touch ofbutterscotch, the wine is clearly intended for near-term drinking. Lush and smooth on the palate, its crème brulee oaknotes and fruit keynotes of baked pear and pineapple makeit a great partner for meatier grilled fish such as ahi or opah,and equally delicious with lighter poultry dishes.

Friday Business Cards.....First Day Of Spring

Green, powerful and fun! I can't wait for my lawn to be green and lush. Hurry up Spring!! 
Created by the Struck Agency.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Photobooth Planet... One of a Kind Guest Book

After being a guest at an event last Saturday that had a photobooth I am totally hooked. When I was growing up I can remember the excitement of going into a photobooth with my best friend Becca and posing all different ways as the camera snapped our pictures, some serious, some silly, others we were laughing so hard we had no control over what we looked like. And then within a few minutes as we waited the images were already spitting out of the machine. Before the age of digital cameras, it really was the best thing in the world, instant pictures. It brings back such fond memories of summers spent with my best friend. And I am sure you and all your guests will have the same types of nostalgic memories immediately triggered when they see the photobooth at your event. People can't wait to hop in!

The crew behind Photobooth Planet has spent years designing a booth that is true to the iconic look of vintage booths. They have employed modern materials, and their own custom software and hardware internals to deliver the best possible photobooth experience. And the best thing of all is that the booth sends out two copies of photos so your guests can keep a set and the other set can go into a custom book that instantly becomes the best sign in book created. A night of your closest family and friends taking photos in the booth, it could get very interesting!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Bouquet of Dresses... Shopbop is Blooming

Everyday I visit my favorite online store Shopbop and scroll through the pages to see what is new and exciting. And everyday I find at least one thing that becomes a must have on my wish list. But today I was blown away by the number of items that I want to add to my spring collection that I just had to share. I love all of the colors that are appearing for spring. Now if only it would warm up!

Unique Wedding Bands... Along the Coast

I recently came across the most unique wedding bands I have ever seen. I love the idea of really making your bands or gift to each other on your wedding day something incredibly special and meaningful. If you are planning a wedding on the coast or were engaged at the beach or even have special memories together along the coast line I think these rings are such a great way to always remind each other of those moments. The rings are hand pierced and are all designed based on a coastline map. You can supply any map to commission. This is truly a one of a kind gift!

For more information on the rings check out designer Hannah Lamb.

TRUE & WESSON Philosophy # 9

Found via FFFFOUND

Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Typefaces...Spring Grass

The first day of spring has finally arrived!!  Spring and summer are ultimately my favorite months, hands down.  I am able to emerge like a bear who has been in hibernation for five months, able to finally feel the sun on my face. Somehow every year, it always surprises me when the birds finally come out to sing.  To realize how silent winter has been and having to adjust my ears to the noise as it sounds like a bird convention outside my door.  The crocuses follow the birds with their dabs of color throughout people's barren lawns. The "peepers" in the pond follow the birds with their songs at night. I can now finally smell the salt from the ocean. The new grass emerges, soft and sweet ready for cutting.  It is finally time for my ladies to bloom, fragrant white lilacs and pink peonies, just in time for Mother's Day.  As Mr. Rip says, (he lovingly cares for the Island),"Spring is a 100 shades of green." 

Grass font ready to be cut found via Hand Made Font

Dreams come True... Fairy Tale Ball 2009

This past weekend was the Annual Fundraiser for the Children's Museum of Southeastern Connecticut at Ocean Beach. It was such an enchanted evening, where designers came from across the state to decorate the ballroom in the theme of a fairy tale of their choice. The room was filled with an incredible energy, and the creativity that came to life on the tables just blew us away. As you entered the ballroom ladies were transformed with sparkles, jeweled crowns and boas, everything a little girl dreams of playing with growing up. And in the corner of the room was a photo booth, supplied by Photobooth Planet, that was filled throughout the night. This is such a great addition to any event, especially at your wedding. The pictures come out instantly and are personalized with the date and your logo or monogram. We had way too much fun getting our picture taken in the booth! So for a night, we got to get dressed up, cocktail and mingle with guests, raise money for children and live in our own little fairy tale world.

True & Wesson's Frog Prince Table at the Fairy Tale Ball
(Photos by the incredible Anna Sawin)

Each Guest Received a gift bag that included a frog chocolate truffle, and custom designed sugar lip balm from Jennie Fresa's makeup line. The bags were tied with a personalized tag, each one with a different quote about being kissed.

Guests had a hand made mask at their place setting that Lucinda custom designed to make up a table of 5 princesses, 4 frogs, and one prince. The table Linen is one from the new collection at Rentals Unlimited which helped to create the illusion of water. (I am so in love with this linen, can't wait to use it on cocktail tables for a wedding on the water)

Gold Chargers sat on top of Leaf Placemats, via Grandin Road, with custom designed menus by Chocolate Creative Design.

The prince at the table had a crown of jewels to wear.

Frog Mask, Lucinda used ping pong balls to build out the eyes, these masks were truly amazing.

In the center of the table we created a pond, that glowed softly in the center of the table; built up with a wall of 3 different kinds of moss.

*Extra special thanks to Jennie Fresa and Anna Sawin for collaborating with us on this project.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Wine Tasting...

Wine of the Week *
Alto Tierruca Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 2008

This wine is delightful! A great addition to my Friday wine collection and perfect for a warm spring or summer evening. With all the attention that the New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs from Marlborough get, it’s easy to overlook the terrific values that can come out of Chile.

Tasting Notes: The Alto Tierruca has terrific intensity of flavor with juicy citrus, white peach and kiwi without the overtly grassy and herbal elements that sometimes come with New World Sauvignon Blanc. (via Westside Wines)

*To order this wine call or visit Country Roads (Marlborough, CT)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Little Mermaid Inspiration Board... Turquoise and Fuschia

We have gotten so much better over the last couple of months of really paying attention to giving credit for the images used in our boards. Unfortunately with this board there are a number of images that we had in our library of images collected over the years, that we don't know where they came from. So if any of the images are yours or you know the source please let us know so we can provide the credit. We just thought it was way too pretty not to share with you all. And perfect for our fairy tale theme and first day of spring, inspired by the Little Mermaid.

1. Cake-The Cakegirls
2. Bottles-Style Me Pretty
3. Candelabra
4. Seaglass votives
5. Dress
6. Flowers image- Absolutely Beautiful Things
7. Silver shell-Geoffrey Sokol
8. Blue tinted glass, Party Rental Ltd.
9. Mermaid napkin ring- Bijoux de la Mer
10. Hors doeuvres
11. Blue tinted plate, Party Rental Ltd.
12. Candy bar, Brides.com
13. Wedding dress- Carolina Herrera
14. Watermelon drink, image from Domino Magazine, via snippet & ink
15. Present-Julie Flynn
16. Blue bottles
17. Orchid-Modern Day Design
18. Pink arrangement
19. Chairs- Michelle Rago
20. Invitation- Ceci New York
21. Pink Roses-Stylecourt
22. Place setting- Brides.com

My thoughts Exactly...

Since the launch of TRUE event I really couldn't ever imagine not having my own company and working for someone else. There is just something so amazing about having my own business and running it exactly as I see fit and following my philosophy in business and life, never compromising my vision. But yesterday on my Facebook page I posted that I miss the 9-5 but what I really meant was this.

so sometimes this blog serves as a random collections of thoughts, an outlet for design inspiration, or just as a source of energy to communicate with the outside world. while i love having my own company, i miss the interaction of having people to talk to over your morning coffee...at my old firm, i had four other girls that i still consider great friends...we knew every aspect of each others lives (literally b/c we had been together for five yrs), we would vent when things were going wrong, we would laugh until our bellies hurt, we would drink wine together when the clock hit 5:00...i miss that part... if i was in an office this AM, i would pour a cup of coffee and then go sit on the desk of a fellow coworker and say "did you see the city last night...jay's crying looked ridiculously fake" or "i hate random white vans...they totally crept me out whenever i see them in my neighborhood" or "gosh, i hope the teachers at tay's school don't think i am a degenerate mom b/c i put a white skirt on my child before easter".... instead, i'll think those thoughts to myself...sip my reheated coffee and pray it doesn't get cold before this post ends.... (via pink wallpaper)

The best things come in little packages...

Last week I was invited to share in one of the most precious moments an expecting mother and father could have with my best friend Marissa and her husband Joe. The amazing Anna Sawin met us Sunday morning to do belly shots of Marissa and to capture the nursery prior to the arrival of their baby. I was just blown away by the nursery and the attention to detail that they had put into it and the color story they chose. Everything in the room is yellow, black and white, inspired by the Sadie collection from Pottery Barn Kids and True Event of course. We had such an incredible morning with Anna, you would never have known that Marissa and Joe were meeting her for the first time. She is so genuine, patient and kind, immediately putting everyone at complete ease, which is a rare talent. Anna has shared a couple of the images on her blog with many more to come. I can't wait to see the rest!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Cinderella Inspiration Board... New Neutrals

This board was inspired by the fairy tale Cinderella, but also a board we designed for one of our brides getting married on Island Farm (Elihu), Stonington, CT this coming September. It is going to be an enchanting affair! I am totally in love with the clear tent.

Row 1: Pink taper table setting, source unknown; Table setting by Lisa Vorce, of Oh How Charming; Flower arrangement, Brides.com; Solid silk garland cami in light pewter, J.Crew.
Row 2: Wallpaper, Jocelyn Warner; Paper flowers in tree, soucre unknown, Donna Karan Dress, Elle; Marie-Antoinette the movie.
Row 3: Centerpiece, Martha Stewart; Wedding gown, Oscar de la Renta; Mount Street Sandal in Light Pink, Christian Louboutin; Petite crystal and satin headwrap in pewter, Jennifer Behr Strapless Beaded Bodice Dress, Maggie London
Row 4: Clear Tent Image, via Brides.com; Slippers from Marie-Antoinette the movie; Dahlia bouquet, Hana Floral Design , image by Adeline and Grace Photography
Row 5: Table setting by Wildflower Linen, via style me pretty; Wedding cake, Cakegirls; Chandelier, via Skonahem.

Happy St. Patty's Day... Green Bagels and Beer

In an ode to my Irish heritage, my grandfather would be oh so proud, I am toasting to all of you the Luck of the Irish and a very Happy St. Patrick's Day, with Green Bagels and Irish Beer.

A Guide to Irish Beers
(via Epicurious)
"Joe's Bar down the street may be serving green lager this St. Patrick's Day, but in Ireland the color of beer year-round is black—as in dry, roasty stout, the Blessed Trinity being Guinness, Murphy's, and Beamish."

Guinness Pub Draught
It might look intimidating, but this famed stout is fairly light in body, dry, and roasty. It finishes with a hint of burnt toast.

Beamish Irish Stout
Fairly full-bodied, this stout has a roasty character with a pleasing hint of smoke and gentle coffee notes.

Murphy's Irish Stout
The softest of Ireland's Big Three, this is a malty, softly chocolaty ale, without the appetizing dryness of Guinness or Beamish.

The Latest and Greatest
O'Hara's Irish Stout
Some chocolate sweetness up front is followed by a firmly malted yet dry and roasted character, then an appetizingly bitter and faintly tart finish.

The pitch-black color and complex, roasted, almost wine like aroma are the first hints that O'Hara's is bigger and bolder than most of the competition. It's dry enough for oysters, but sufficiently robust to be enjoyed with meat and cheese dishes.

Red Ale
Smithwick's Irish Ale
Lightly sweet and butterscotch on the nose, medium-bodied, and gently fruity, with a drying note of bitterness on the finish.

The color of Irish beer is not a uniform black; there's a parallel, though much less celebrated, tradition of Irish red ales, as well. Probably the best known globally is Smithwick's—pronounced "Smid-ick's"—a toasty, faintly caramel-like ale from the folks who brew Guinness, and a relatively recent arrival in the United States.

Pairing Beer and Food
Traditional Irish cuisine is rustic and especially delicious when you use quality ingredients and the right ales to complement the hearty dishes. Some of the best salmon in the world is fished off the Irish coast and gently smoked in the south. As an appetizer, it partners beautifully with a glass of cool, though not cold, dry Irish stout.

Traditional potato-based side dishes like cabbage-rich colcannon provide a fine excuse to break out a bottle or two of gently sweet, caramelly Irish red ale, especially if served alongside a roast leg of lamb.

A hearty Irish stew would benefit from the popular half-and-half mixture of ale and stout known as Black & Tan.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Typefaces...High Heel Princess

Inspiration for "The Fairy Tale Ball" where Sarah and I have created a table for the upcoming event.
Typeface created by Zumra Waheed.

An Enchanted Evening...

This week Lucinda and I are actively preparing for the Fairy Tale Ball in support of the Children's Museum of Southeastern Connecticut. We are so honored to be a part of such a great event. Designers from across the state come together to design tables in the theme of a fairy tale. We have selected the Frog Prince and can't wait to share with you our table. Our Frog Prince table was inspired by the color, texture, romance, humor and, let’s face it ladies, having met our share of frogs.

It is truly a magical evening for the adults and on Sunday you can bring the kids for a fun filled day of activities all to support the Children's Museum.

Event Details:
Saturday, March 21, 2009
7 pm - Midnight
Ocean Beach, New London
(If you are still interested in attending or supporting the Children's Museum
Make your reservations through a visit or call to the Museum at (860) 691-1111.
$100/person (cash bar) Cash, check, Visa or MasterCard

Sunday, March 22, 2009
Artrageous Kids' Art Fair
Noon - 4
Ocean Beach, New London

An afternoon celebrating the arts filled with activities, crafts and children's performances! Get inspired by the wonderful and whimsical designer-made tablescapes from the Fairy Tale Ball held the night before.
Join area artists and agencies and get ready to create!

$5 per child ages 2 to 15
$2.50 per adult (family maximum of $20)
No reservations required!

For a schedule of events throughout the day

Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Wine Tasting... Portugal

Wine of the Week
Angelius- Escolha Tinto Bairrada 2005

Today as I made my way into Country Roads (Marlborough, CT) I was greeted by a girl doing a St. Patrick's day beer tasting (she was also giving out free pens and buttons if I signed her petition to make St. Patrick's Day a national holiday, which I would have signed without the free pen or button, I LOVE St. Patrick's Day). So while I passed on the opportunity to taste Irish beers, she made me think I really should do a posting for all of the beer drinkers out there but I will save that for next Tuesday.

Today I am featuring a really great red wine from Portugal. It is a blend of traditional local grapes, medium-bodied with good tannins and a spicy, distinctive flavor. Perfect for a Friday Wine Tasting.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Friday Business Cards.....texture & time

Design by Jacky Foucher and Pierre Cahurel for Grrr-creative agency.
Found on Flickr.

Etsy Find... Holey Notecards

It is amazing how simple the concept of poking holes in paper is, but I would never have thought to make it into an art as this Etsy designer has done. Brilliant! I think people have forgotten how special it is to receive a handwritten card for a birthday, special occasion or just because. It is so easy now with e-cards, and always being online to just skip it all together. These cards make me want to send out a note just because... they are so interesting and beautiful and put into a small frame turn into a piece of art.

From the Designer:
"While I love printed cards, they are not my forte. I like to make cards that play with light and dimension, that become interesting objects even without the words inside. So I've cut them. I've woven them. I've glued them. I've dyed them. I've sewn them. I've stamped them. I'm currently poking holes in them. The only things they've had in common is that they all started as plain white cards."

To purchase the cards visit her on Etsy

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thoughts of Spring... Yellow makes me happy

With the change of the clocks this past weekend I am desperately longing for Spring. I found these images and fell totally in love with the bright colors that decorate these houses. Now if only I can convince my husband to let me paint our front door yellow...

For now I will celebrate thoughts of Spring with these images via With a Flourish. What fun it would be to create a wedding board from these images.

Inspiration is everywhere, just take the time to look around.