Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lucinda's 10 things that will get her through winter

1. Clementines from spain-so love the crates they come in!!! -see your local grocer
2. Remote control car starter kit (hint hint Jono)
3. Arbonne- intelligence not so basic body lotion (new product coming feb 1st-FC5)
4. Fireback-they throw off the heat in a fireplace-they really work!!!
5. Mystic soup company- YUM! (only open in winter)
6. Travel & leisure magazine- when dreaming of a vacation
7. Village naturals white tea body soak , walmart-in-stores only
8. Kahlua and coffee (with a bit of whipped cream!)
9. Chillys women's flare pant, (who wants the skinny leg?)
10. Watching my son enjoying the cold and that the climb is as much fun as the ride.

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