Tuesday, February 17, 2009

DIY... Vintage Cake Plates

I am always on the hunt for crafty DIY projects and I was blown away when I came across Stylegarden on Etsy. I just love the vintage plates and vases she found searching through thrift stores and estate sales to make one of a kind cake plates. What a perfect housewarming gift this would make, or accesory to your table while entertaining.

To DIY (via Associated Content):


- Vase
- Plate or bowl
- Clear epoxy glue

The first step is to completely clean out your glass vase and glass bowl. Your glue will not hold your cake plate together if they are not clean.

Once the surfaces have dried completely you can adhere them together. Simply run a bead of epoxy glue around he top edge of the vase.

Now, place the plate or bowl on top and press it into the glue. Allow your scake plate to dry for at least 24 hours.

A Few Things to Consider:
You can use a glass bowl or platter with upraised edge to create a "cake stand" that can double as a fruit bowl or even a dip bowl.

When choosing the size of your plate and vase keep a few pointers in mind. First of all an overly tall vase will not make a sturdy cake stand in most cases. Try placing your vase on your dinner table and see how high it will make your guest reach to get a slice of cake or a cookie.

Bud vases are just not a sturdy option; go for clear vases that are at least 4 to 6 inches wide. When choosing a plate or bowl, keep in mind size and weight. Keep your plate proportioned to your vase for a sturdy cake plate. Generally it is a good idea to only have your plate stick out about 5 inches or less on either side of the vase.

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Studio Foto said...

I love the vintage look, Krystal and I are in the midst of planning our wedding for 10/10/10. Its a outdoor in the woods bohemian theme. One of our goals is to tag sale for mismatched vintage china for all of the place settings:)