Friday, February 6, 2009

My love of Conversation Hearts...

Because Lucinda is a true Chocoholic she just can't understand my love of holiday candies. All summer long I wait for Candy Corn to hit the shelves in the fall, Ribbon Candy in December, Conversation hearts in January, and Peeps just in time for Spring. But I have to admit my all time favorite are Necco Conversation hearts! It just wouldn't be Valentines Day without them! So I thought I would share my favorite way to use conversation hearts other than to eat them of course.

And for all of you brides out there that love Conversation Hearts as much as I do, you can customize the sayings on the candies for your special day. From I DO, and I LOVE YOU, to JUST MARRIED, and MR & MRS. What a fun idea!

To make this arrangement you will need two different size glass vases, the inner one should be small enough to fit in the outer one with room to drop in the hearts. The inner vase is where the flowers will sit in water. You could also do this with red hots or jelly beans.


kribss said...

i love this idea!!

Orchard Cove Photography said...

Wow that bouquet is just perfect - I love it!