Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Eco Chic Wedding... Hanging Hankerchief Vases

I came across this fabulous DIY project on Once Wed this morning and just had to share with all of you. This is a great way to recycle glass jars and beautiful handkerchiefs to add a vintage "Eco Chic" design element to your wedding.

What You'll Need:

Several Canning Jars (1/2 pint wide mouth with the straight sides)
Several Handkerchiefs (in coordinating colors)
Bailing Wire
Rubber Bands
Wire Cutters
Iron and Ironing Board

Resources: Canning jars are easy to find at yard sales and thrift stores, so are handkerchiefs. Bailing wire is available at any hardware store.

1. Press all of your handkerchiefs flat. (if you're going to be use these in a humid location, I would suggest using a little spray starch to help keep them crisp)
2. Fold the bottom of your handkerchief up (see figure 1) and the top of the handkerchief down (see figure 2) to create a band of fabric that is the same height as the jar. Press the folds.
3. Cut a 2 1/2 foot length of bailing wire. Wrap it tightly around the grooves in the top of the jar, then create a hanger. (see figure 3)
4. Wrap the folded handkerchief around the vase and secure it with a rubber band. (see figure 4)
5. Cut a length of ribbon (about 18 inches or so) and tie it around the vase to conceal the rubber band. Tie the tails in a bow. (see figure 5)
6. Add a little water in the bottom of your vase, insert the flowers. ( see figure 6)
7. Create a grouping of coordinating vases and hang from a tree, and arbor, or from the ceiling.

What it Cost:
Handkerchiefs $.25 - $3.00 each
Ribbon $.25 a yard
Bailing wire $3 for a 50 foot spool
Jars, if purchased new are about $9 for one dozen (but they are easily found for much less when used)

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Stephanie Rice said...

I love this idea!! It makes me want to go pick some fresh flowers right now & make use of the mason jars we've had sitting around for a year. Thanks for sharing!