Thursday, March 12, 2009

Etsy Find... Holey Notecards

It is amazing how simple the concept of poking holes in paper is, but I would never have thought to make it into an art as this Etsy designer has done. Brilliant! I think people have forgotten how special it is to receive a handwritten card for a birthday, special occasion or just because. It is so easy now with e-cards, and always being online to just skip it all together. These cards make me want to send out a note just because... they are so interesting and beautiful and put into a small frame turn into a piece of art.

From the Designer:
"While I love printed cards, they are not my forte. I like to make cards that play with light and dimension, that become interesting objects even without the words inside. So I've cut them. I've woven them. I've glued them. I've dyed them. I've sewn them. I've stamped them. I'm currently poking holes in them. The only things they've had in common is that they all started as plain white cards."

To purchase the cards visit her on Etsy

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