Thursday, March 5, 2009

Green Wedding Tip... Bridesmaids Gifts

I am totally obsessed with these bags from Baggu, they are brilliant and come in every color you could imagine. I think they make the perfect bridesmaid gift and are totally eco chic! The reusable bags are 100% ripstop nylon, fold into a flat 5" by 5" pouch, hold up to 25 lbs and you can throw them in the washing machine. Using one Baggu for one year replaces 300 to 700 disposable bags. That helps reduce some of the 100 billion plastic bags sent to a landfill in the US last year.

I love the idea of filling them with things that your bridal party will use and truly enjoy. Fill the bags with something that makes them smell nice, feel nice, and live nice. Another great idea is to wrap them all in mismatched, re-used shopping bags, newspaper, tissue paper, (like the ones from boutiques and wine stores), you can get really creative here using all recycled wrapped supplies.

On the Baggu site they have pictures of different ways people have gotten creative with gifting and using the bags. I would love to see images of the ways you all use the bags and what you put in them, so if you love this idea send me your pics and I will post to the blog.

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