Tuesday, March 10, 2009

GustOrganics... A visit into NYC

Yesterday I had to opportunity to get together with Eyal Amir from GustOrganics. As we sat and talked about collaborating on an exciting project one of the servers greeted me with an absolutely amazing frozen drink, a Strawberry Caipiroska, it was so fresh and absolutely delicious. Everyone in the restaurant had a smile on their face and the energy in the room was infectious. They are not only serving an incredible menu but are committed to a much bigger cause.

GustOrganics is the first and only certified organic restaurant in New York, America’s first restaurant to use 100% USDA certified organic ingredients, and the first and only USDA certified organic bar on the planet. Making it one of the greenest restaurants in the world.

In addition to being 100 percent organic, they are also completely green — Gusto uses solar and wind energy, recycles, composts, conserves water and sends customers home with biodegradable containers, cups and flatware. Even the chairs and walls are constructed from Eco friendly products; the 74 seats are made from recycled Indonesian and Argentinian wood and the walls from sustainable concrete; no detail has been overlooked.

Their philosophy, posted on the wall as your walk into the restaurant is one that they can take great pride in standing behind.

Our Philosophy
Only organic food of the highest quality is served. Passion & truth are in every ingredient.
Respect for each other in our community, other cultures & the environment is true Eco-friendliness.
Gratitude to share our food & beliefs with one another; a thank you is recyclable.
Accommodating you, our guests, to an enjoyable & unique dining experience is our desire.
Nutritious & natural. Organic food nourishes the body.
Integrity & innovation are in every decision we make.
Conserving energy & preserving resources in a green-sensitive way benefits our community & protects our earth.
Sustainability & fairness through cooperation with local organic farmers, investors & you will make organics a way of life for all of us!

Check them out (for a dining experience that will make you feel really good, I promise you will leave with a smile on your face)

519 Avenue of the Americas @ 14th street
New York, New York 10011.
For reservations, please call 212.242.5800

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Anna Sawin said...

That must have been such an amazing place to visit, can't wait to try it out!