Thursday, March 26, 2009

Photobooth Planet... One of a Kind Guest Book

After being a guest at an event last Saturday that had a photobooth I am totally hooked. When I was growing up I can remember the excitement of going into a photobooth with my best friend Becca and posing all different ways as the camera snapped our pictures, some serious, some silly, others we were laughing so hard we had no control over what we looked like. And then within a few minutes as we waited the images were already spitting out of the machine. Before the age of digital cameras, it really was the best thing in the world, instant pictures. It brings back such fond memories of summers spent with my best friend. And I am sure you and all your guests will have the same types of nostalgic memories immediately triggered when they see the photobooth at your event. People can't wait to hop in!

The crew behind Photobooth Planet has spent years designing a booth that is true to the iconic look of vintage booths. They have employed modern materials, and their own custom software and hardware internals to deliver the best possible photobooth experience. And the best thing of all is that the booth sends out two copies of photos so your guests can keep a set and the other set can go into a custom book that instantly becomes the best sign in book created. A night of your closest family and friends taking photos in the booth, it could get very interesting!


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