Thursday, April 9, 2009

Betsy Dunlap... The art of addressing the outter envelope

*Mosaic of Betsy Dunlap's Work

Recently I started working with a bride, Miss Gillian, that could easily pass for my sister. From the minute she said that she was a "yellow" bride we just totally hit it off. It was like we had known each other for years. I can't believe I have two brides this year that love yellow. I am so excited for the details of her wedding as everything is starting to come together. She is capturing the whole process and experience of planning her wedding on the pages of her very own blog, such a great idea and keepsake for her to look back on in years to come.

Her wedding is in October at the Boston Harbor Hotel, Erica of Adeline and Grace will capture the day in photography, DJ Renzo will be behind the music, Kelly from Beautiful Blooms will bring in pops of color in the flowers, Erin from Lucky Luxe is creating her save the dates and invitations, and the latest addition to our amazing team is Betsy Dunlap.

Betsy is a designer that I truly have been in awe of since the first time I saw one of her envelopes. Her calligraphy styles are unique, full of energy, really provoke emotion, and set the tone for what is inside.
She describes her style as "quirky, organic and never stuffy, it appears almost alive"

If I was to receive one of her envelopes addressed to me it would be one I would be sure to keep, truly a piece of art.

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