Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dave Robbins Photography...

Yesterday Lucinda and I had lunch at Caseus, a newly discovered favorite on Whitney Ave. in New Haven. It is a restaurant dedicated to cheese! You can't get any better than that. We were meeting a photographer friend that we first were introduced to just about 2 years ago when his images graced the pages of New York Weddings Magazine. Lucinda and I send each other a million emails a day but this was an email that stood out with an image that provoked me to check out his complete portfolio online.

Dave Robbins is truly a photographer that stands out. He is not only the most laid back, easy going person I have met in a long time but he is genuinely nice and incredibly talented with an amazing sense of humor in the way he captures your event. His images are bold with color and personality and it is easy to see a story being told as you flip through his portfolio.

Dave lives in New Haven with his wife and two kids.


Orchard Cove Photography said...

Dedicated to cheese? I'm there.....right now :)

Pete said...

I've seen Dave work, he's outstanding, and I've heard his prints are equally top notch.