Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Alphabet Studs...

I am obsessed. Just discovered these adorable alphabet studs from Catbird. What a cute gift! Already thinking of a million different letter combinations in my head and who to gift them to.

Teeny, tiny, delicate lower case alphabet studs make a sweet, personal statement. And when we say tiny, we mean TINY. The taller letters, like "b" and "d", are less than 1/8". (For you font geeks out there, this is 14pt Baskerville Bold.) The possibilities are endless - your initials, your kids' initials, "fu", "xo", "i heart u", "omg", "wtf", etc... The whole alphabet is available, as well as a sweet little heart. Available in sterling silver ($28) or 14k gold ($40). Price is for a single earring.

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