Friday, May 8, 2009

Beauty Makeover with the Fabulous Jennie Fresa

I recently had the opportunity to spend the day with my dear friend Jennie Fresa (Jennie Fresa Beauty Library) as she accompanied me on a mission to make over my beauty bag and refresh my look, just in time for my big birthday. I have always had a great love of makeup, and find myself tagging page after page of new products in Lucky Magazine, always trying to mix up my look. As a result over the years I have collected a huge bag of makeup. Which was horrifying to Jennie, as I was reminded mascara only has a lifespan of 3 months, and I certainly had accumulated many different wands that were much older than that. My makeup bag was a mix of products that I had bought as a result of the advice of the pages of a magazine on what they thought I should try, not what would really be best for my skin tones, teary eyes, etc. Which seemed to work for the most part, until I spent the day with Jennie in a completely targeted personal shopping mission to find the right products specifically for me. It was truly an incredible experience and a very successful trip! I left with a full bag of new stuff; makeup, brushes, and eye gel. A complete makeover of my beauty regiment.

This is an experience that every woman should have, the extensive retail knowledge, advice and research of products Jennie has is amazing! She is not only the sweetest but is so super talented and passionate about what she does. With Mother's day this Sunday this would be the perfect gift!

Jennie Fresa Beauty Library
Beauty Image Consulting 1

Initial Consultation includes an evaluation of your lifestyle, beauty concerns and needs. We will determine how much time you have, how many products you want to use, the colors and textures that work for you, and how to organize your beauty essentials in an easy and effective way.

*Includes evaluation • cleaning • personal shopping

Beauty Image Consulting 2

Includes a makeup lesson and a step by step guide to help you achieve and maintain your new beauty routine, as well as one very personalized and organized makeup bag!

*Includes evaluation • cleaning • personal shopping • lesson • instruction sheet

*Seasonal Updates Available
For more information log onto Jennie Fresa's Beauty Library

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Katie said...

what a wonderful idea! i am so guilty of the huge bag of very old makeup that i use on a regular basis (eeek!). i'm going to try to convince someone to get this for me for my birthday too :)