Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Creative Process & Inspiration Boards

Where we started, with the selection of colors

Where we ended up, Gillian's Inspiration Board

When Lucinda and I first start working with a client it is so important to tap into the creative design process, to pull pieces of inspiration from their homes, magazines, blogs, websites, fashion, nature... inspiration is everywhere, it is our job to help clients go through this creative journey. Once the process begins sometimes it is hard to turn it off, as we are often attracted to many different styles in fashion and design, colors, hobbies, etc. I don't think I could ever design my own wedding again because I would find it impossible to decide which direction to go. However, as we start to fine tune the details and build an inspiration board, watching the event details come together is such a fun process, and a true collaboration.

You will see in the above boards for one of my brides, Miss Gillian, we started with a color board, but as we began to really personalize the event with things that are meaningful to her and her fiance the event details took on new meaning. Gillian and Nate love to ski and have spent many vacations together doing so, however they live and work in Boston and their wedding is at the Boston Harbor Hotel. Weaving in this detail was super important to them without making it feel too much like a wedding at a ski lodge. It is the combination of these details that will make the event truly unique to them and leave guests talking about the event long after it is over.


engaged said...

I can't wait to see the save-the-dates in person!

Roey.yohai said...

Good design is jaw dropping...and these are jaw dropping. nice job!!