Friday, May 1, 2009

A Weekend Full of Events...

A Sneak Peak at our space at the Show House
Images by Orchard Cove Photography

This weekend is full of events. Sunday we will be at Saltwater Farm Vineyard hosting an amazing group of vendors as they present workshops throughout the day. The workshops will discuss the creative process behind planning a wedding, incorporating the five senses. Tickets are still available online at Weddings the Creative Process Blog. All are welcome!

And this Saturday kicks off the launch of the Junior League of Hartford's Show House. The Show House located next to Elizabeth Park in Hartford, is absolutely spectacular. 35 interior designers, decorators, upholsterers, painters, retailers, artists, landscape designers, and gardeners were selected to design and decorate spaces inside and out of the home. Lots of time, energy and incredible talent has gone into this show house! Lucinda and I are so excited to be amongst this amazing team.

The Junior League's 11th Decorator Show House will be open Saturday through May 24 at 219 Kenyon St. Tickets are $25 at the door, $20 in advance. For more information, including details on ticket sale locations, special related events, boutique hours and sales of many of the items on display at the show house, call 860-233-4300 or go to

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