Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Martha Stewart Blogs...

Beth Zemetis, Studio Blush, Created the beautiful arrangement of peonies for Martha.

Last Thursday, I attended a book signing at RJ Julia , a fantastic bookstore located in the charming shoreline town of Madison, Connecticut. It was the very first signing for my latest book, Martha Stewart's Cupcakes. It was a very successful visit and I signed more than 600 books! If you enjoy cupcakes, this is a must-have cookbook, which features 175 ideas for every occasion. Cupcakes are, after all, a classic dessert - a small and perfect indulgence that's a favorite among adults and children alike. Plus, cupcakes are delightful for any occasion - from an after-school snack or picnic to an elegant wedding. They'll never go out of style!
-Martha Stewart (via The Martha Blog)

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