Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rainy Day Fashion...

Fabulous Marc Jacobs Yellow Rain Jacket, via Net- a-Porter
Yellow Rain boots from Tretorn and they have a heel!
I need to find out how I can purchase this fun, ruffly yellow umbrella, finding a cute yellow umbrella is not as easy as I thought.

Swims, Galoshes for your shoes, brilliant!
I heart this adorable Rain Cape! Satoria Vico, via designvagabond blog

Yellow Umbrella Day, That would make me happy on a rainy day to see a park full of yellow umbrellas, this blog is all about umbrellas!

Since the rain is refusing to go away in the Northeast and we are all stuck in this lovely rain pattern I thought I would share some of my favorite rainy day fashions. If you can't beat the rain you might as well look cute splashing through the puddles! I love wearing something bright on days like today.

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three4style said...

Lovely post. I bought yesterday the yellow boots by treeton but unfortunatly it is another shape. Mine are the Skerry Vinter Shinny. This shape is very vintage. I am planning to draw some shoes laces on them.
Great blog!
Please, tell me if you find the yellow umbrella!