Sunday, July 12, 2009

Something about Lori and The Housewives of Stonington

I have been extremely lucky in my life when it comes to the vast array of friends I have made along the way.  Most live in the vast reaches of  our country.  I have my "Ladies" from NYC and of course most recently "The Houseswives of Stonington". 
The first one I met was Lori, whose son Beckett and my son Creighton started school together at the age of two.  Like mother, like son the connection was immediate between the four of us.  The boys even had their own language between them. Lori's southern charm and energy was a great departure from New England. From that point on, we have all traveled a journey with one another from holidays, birthdays, vacations and to various schools..leading us to A Child's Garden.  From there,  surprisingly (and this does NOT happen every day), all of our children became friends as well as the mom's, creating a wonderful supportive family. So when Lori announced to us all that they would be moving to Florida, our hearts felt an immediate loss. We are a certifiably bunch of crazy women. Crazy in love with our children, crazy in love with our careers and most importantly crazy in love with making each other laugh so hard that tears stream out.  
So, we wanted to have a nice surprise going away dinner for our friend. But, nothing is ever boring with this crew. So in light of our friend moving to TAMPA, we couldn't resist having a little fun.  There in lies the "Something about Lori" theme.  It was a combination of a girly southern dinner with a bit of "Magda" thrown in.  The plan was simple.  First get dressed at the Taylor's house in the Borough, where the hors d'oeuvres and Champagne would be waiting for us, have the guest of honor arrive, drag her down to Water Street Cafe for a glass of champagne and humiliate ourselves in the process and head to Heidi's house for dinner.

The Fabulous Housewives of Stonington.

Luckily, we had the super talented Anna Sawin capturing the antics of the evening!

Who knew that we had a professional hair stylist & makeup artist on hand....later did I realize it was from all those Ted Nugent Concerts in the late 80's that began her training.

I was able to channel Marissa Berenson thanks to my mother's closet.

Some could not keep away from the bronzer and the coral lipstick....

While others remained in character all evening.

If I am correct, that is Steven Taylor's entire sock drawer.

Forget dying your shoes, Krylon indoor/outdoor spray paint in Bahama Sea gloss works miracles!

Heidi and I teamed up again (we designed a wedding together for her friend on Island Farm last summer) and designed the table. In honor of Lori's Southern heritage, pink peonies, vintage pink and green china, vintage glass candlesticks and vintage silverware adorned the table.

Heidi chose the menu from Bon Appetite, " A Champagne Dinner for 8" (Lori's drink of choice). Check out Anna Sawin's blogpost and it will give you the recipes for this amazing dinner! Menu and place card created by Chocolate Creative Design.

Everyone brought a dish from the Menu as well a bottle of champagne for each course. The Shitaki, Goat Cheese and Chanterelle Pizza appetizers were created by the Taylors at their house in the Borough, whose table was beautifully designed and "The Girl from Ipanema" played softly in the background. The salad was created by Bo, Shrimp and Beans by Heidi and the Risotto by Amy. The amazing dessert was by Anna.  

Laughter is truly the best medicine and an amazing time was had by all!

An end to a fabulous evening!
To see a fabulous slideshow of this event, check out Anna Sawin's blog!
Stay tuned for the next episode of the Fabulous Housewives of Stonington...

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