Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vendor Spotlight... Videography and Buzz Media

I think videography is sometimes overlooked when planning a wedding, and couldn't disagree more with that decision. Quite often I meet with brides and I tell them how important it is to have someone there to capture their day on video and they don't always agree with me until after the wedding when they wish they could see the ceremony again, relive the moment of when they first walked into the church and saw their future husband's face, their first dance as husband and wife, what their friends were doing on the dance floor while they were greeting guests...

These are precious moments that happen throughout the day that are all so overwhelming and incredibly special, the kind of moments that you could watch over and over again, each time evoking a different emotion. Some of my favorite memories to date are of our wedding day, and every year on our anniversary my husband and I watch our wedding video and relive that incredible happiness we felt that day all over again. There is just something so amazing about video, and Buzz Media Company are truly artists in what they do!

The philosophy is simple: do creative work, collaborate with talented people and live and work in a beautiful community near family and the ocean. Most importantly- we feel fortunate that our work is about shining a light on some of the most meaningful moments in peoples lives. -Mike Cyr

Michelle and John's Engagement

Laurin & Brad

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