Thursday, August 27, 2009

Marathon Training in Full Swing

I am a huge runner! I love the way it feels to be on the open road, just me, my thoughts, and my ipod. I always loved it because it was the one time during the day that I could just be. I could push myself as hard as I possibly could, drag my feet along on tired days, or just run without a thought about my pace. I never really enjoyed running until I started to train for my first marathon a couple of years ago. Inspired by sister and her love of running I discovered that I don't know how I ever lived without it. Husband thinks I am a bit obsessed with my routine and schedule to train for marathons but for me it is a hobby, a stress reliever, and a good friend. Sister and I are training for the OBX marathon this November and are following Hal Higdon's schedule (he says if you stick with Hal you will finish, and that is 100% true) His programs are designed to get you to finish. We are on week 5 of an 18 week program.

In the spirit of the marathon and the training I came across these fabulous note cards by Far Gone Greetings, that I thought I would share. They made me laugh!
inside the card "Congratulations on another milestone"
inside the card "You? Injured? Nah!"
inside the card "Marathoner on the rocks?
How about a martini on the rocks?
Come on, let's celebrate!"

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