Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Taking a piece of the beach home... Decorating with Shells

One of my favorite thing about being at the beach is to walk along the water and collect shells, purple shells. The beaches on the Outer Banks are the only place I have ever seen them. Problem is I always collect these beautiful shells and they end up sitting in a bag. This trip I am thinking of a way to bring a piece of the beach back with us and into our home. Some thoughts for decorating with shells...
Collection of Purple Shells from Nags Head, NC

1. In an Elegant Jar with a lid.

2. In a fillable glass lamp (I wish this was our living room)

3. Collection of Ball Jars on a table, shelf or mantle (My mother in law has hers displayed in the kichen, where the light shines through them)

4. Cylinder Vase

5. Votive Holders

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jesslope said...

these are so cute. i just did one myself. check it out: http://lifeinprogress-jesslope.blogspot.com/2011/06/decorating-with-shells.html