Friday, October 9, 2009

Friday Wine Tasting... Dean and Deluca Wine Club

Wine of the Week...
Brewer-Clifton 2007 Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir

Last week I received the most amazing package in the mail as a thank you from one of my clients along with the most heartfelt note. I just adore receiving mail so when I saw an unexpected package arrive I couldn't help but get giddy inside at the excitement. And it was the most fabulous gift of wine! Three bottles of interesting red varietals from the Dean and Deluca wine club.

The first of which I opened was this fabulous Pinot Noir from the Brewer Clifton Winery. It was so yummy! Very smooth, nice body, not too light, flavors of pomegranate and black cherry. While I love my $10 finds, this was a real treat!


Kerrin Laz said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the wine from our Dean & DeLuca wine club!

Kerrin Laz
Wine Director
Dean & DeLuca

TRUE Event said...

What a great selection of Pinots. I think the gift of wine is my favorite thing to receive, and you guys have done an amazing job at selecting interesting wines.