Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Boots...Quack Quack..

Back in 1980, an important little book came out that shaped the direction of fashion in the 80's. The Preppy Handbook literally became the bible for both teens and adults alike. Of course as you can see from the picture above, I was caught up in the madness...I seriously loved that Gerry Jacket and with my stack of icon covered turtlenecks, wide-wale cords, grosgrain ribbon headbands and braided ribbon barrettes, I thought I was seriously the coolest of the cool. To make that ensemble even better, were the boots. It was always a toss up for the L.L. Bean Boots (I still have mine from 1984, as they are truly indestructible) or the Green Sporto Duck Shoes.
So, as everything comes around again in fashion, and we have now hit upon the 80's and 90's, I was very surprised and elated when I found my beloved Duck Boots re-interpreted.

I just had to have these faux black patent leather Target Merona Zettie Duck Boots for only $29.99.
I wore them out on Friday and I have to say they are extremely comfortable. Unfortunately all Duck Boots lack the warmth factor, so, all I need to do is order the Fleece Rainboot Inserts from Target for $9.99.
With just a bit of research, I found that everyone is jumping on the bandwagon including Ms. Tory Burch and the fabulous Mr. Marc Jacobs.

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TRUE Event said...

I love them miss Wesson. So sheek. Anything with black patent is adorable. Good Pick.