Thursday, October 15, 2009


What woman, teen or girl doesn't like ruffles! As a girl, it makes us feel like a grownup princess. As a teen, it makes us feel as though we are in the know. As a woman, it makes us feel like a young lady. Fortunately for us, this season and next, the ruffle is back! But as a woman, one has to be a bit careful not to look too young or like a soft serve ice cream cone. I am seriously hoping that a few of the items below just might make it into my closet this season.

1. Salmon pink Ruffle Swirl Halter at prizysebastian $65.00
2. Zigi Soho Valance Ruffle boot in Purple at DSW $99.95
3. Baltic Ruffle Scarf at Ann Taylor $65.00
4. Kenna-T Ruffle Leather Jacket at Nordstrom $478.00
5. Gumshoe Sweatercoat in Purple at Anthropologie $168.00
6. Rock & Republic Juno Ruffled Top at Zappos $234.00
7. DKNY Ruffle Coat in Winter White at Macy's $232.50
8. Rosettes and Ruffles Dress at Anthropologie $168.00
9. Teal Ruffled Silk Carina Bolero at Bonzie $180.00
10. Buttercream Silk Dupioni Ruffle Purse at DesignduJour $140.00
11. Rsvp Lauren D'orsay with Ruffles at Zappos $65.34
12. BCBG Ruffle Front Silk Crepe Dress at Bloomingdales $228.00
13. Betsey Johnson Cotton Ruffle Skirt $140.00


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