Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Advent Calendars...The magic of December 1st!

I will never forget the day that December 1st changed my life forever. It was the 1970's, and a box had mysteriously arrived on our doorstep for me and my little brother. It had come ALL the way from California and was absolutely Ginormous (personally we were just happy with the box and where it had come from). Inside this mysterious box were two very large (the size of a door) fuzzy felt panels with 24 felt pockets in brilliant shades of red and green. Lovingly handmade by our Aunt Peggy, we couldn't believe our eyes as our Mom carefully hung them up on each of our doors. "What was this crazy contraption?
Then we looked at the bottom of the box....to our amazment, there were 25 little wrapped packages, each numbered, which magically fit into each pocket. We honestly thought we had hit the gold mine! Every morning, as the days and weeks went by, we were awakened with one of these wonderful miniature gifts. Sometimes it was a tiny set of Hello Kitty colored pencils and other times it was as simple as a red bouncing ball. No matter what it was, it was deeply loved. I had even created a custom little box that held these magical little treasures. Personally, I think it had made our Mom happier than us, as it controlled our exuberance for the upcoming Holiday.
So this post is dedicated to our Aunt Peggy, who changed our lives, gave us a little magic and who can still make me excited for December 1st!
Thank you!

Advent Calendar Pouches by Nuvonova on Etsy.

Some can be store bought...
Elf Advent Calendar from Garnet Hill.

Hats and Mittens Advent Calendar from Garnet Hill.

Buckets of Joy Advent Calendar from Garnet Hill.

Some can be handmade...

Christmas Countdown Kit by Sweetwaterscrapbook on Etsy.

Heirloom Personalized Advent Calendar by TheSweetcushion on Etsy.

Advent Calendar by Pilosale on Etsy

Matryoshka Advent Calendar by Thymbydesigns on Etsy.

You can't forget Martha!
Advent in a box by Martha Stewart.



Anna Sawin said...

Love those ideas--next year for sure I'm doing one!

Nancy Mitchell-Sweeney said...

Awesome post! I just wish I could get my act together by Dec 1st to do this! I barely get my easy pop open a cardboard window ones by Dec 1st! I miss seeing the link to your posts on facebook.

Marisa said...

I'm amazed it took me until now to find this. Thanks for the mention!
(thesweetcushion :) )

lucinda said...

Marisa- Your work is fabulous!!! Thank you!!