Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesdays are for Mood Boards.....

Ms. True and I have realized that we have been a bit lackadaisical in creating and posting our Mood Boards. So therefore, I am naming Tuesdays as "Mood Board" Day!!
You might have noticed that some people call them inspiration boards, but back when I was designing childrenswear, we named them mood boards. This is because it is simply setting the mood and tone of the event through the use of color. By seeing how the colors work together, clients are able to visualize as well as evoke a feeling for their big day. Much later, we design "detail boards" which offers a more comprehensive look into the event .
So, when I saw this amazing vintage scarf on Etsy, I was immediately inspired. It has a very classic palette of grey, silver, blue, ink and cream. Reminiscent of Spring and Winter skies, it is a palatte that is applicable to both seasons. Therefore, I created two boards for two separate events, a New Year's Celebration and an Early Spring/Summer Tented Fete. The lace and silver can be used for either season, it's really about the use and the mixing of different textures. Chiffon and silks for Spring, Satin and for beaded fabrics for Winter. The flowers can also be interchanged and I absolutely love the dancers movements in the scarf which are mimicked by the white parrot tulips.

A Late Spring/Early Summer Tented Fete
Silver shell image, Lace & Sandals: Sandra Lane, Trophy vase: Canadian Living, Vintage Wedding Suit, Etsy
Northern Crown Plate: Anthropologie, Sperry Star Tent, Parrot Tulips, Flickr
Christian Siriano Dress, Vintage Degas Silk Scarf: Etsy, Tulip Mugs: Etsy,
Trophy Centerpiece: Better Homes & Gardens, Shoes: Sandra Lane, Doily & Lace Runner: Good Housekeeping

A New Year's Wedding Celebration
Lace & Silver Shoes: Sandra Lane, Chandeliers: Skona Hem, Ballet Shoes:Weheartit.
Mask:Weheartit, Vintage Degas Silk Scarf: Etsy, Star tights: Weheartit, Blue balloons: Imgfave.
Tulip votive: Anthropologie, Temperley Wedding Gown, Winter Place Setting: Thomas Dhellemmes, Christian Siriano Dress
Blue Eyes: Weheartit, Sky Map Dessert Plate:Anthropologie, New Year's Hats: Flickr.
Sky:, Heart:Flickr, Tights: Weheartit.

Boards designed and created by Chocolate Creative Design.


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