Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Wine Tasting...2008 Alamos Malbec

Wine of the Week...
2008 Alamos Malbec

I first discovered this wine last Friday when we were all out for a friend's birthday at Joey Garlic's, which for all of you that know I am allergic to garlic, it was quite humorous that I was eating out at a place with Garlic in the name. However I must admit the food was fantastic and I really enjoyed this Malbec from Argentina with my Sicilian Salad and Grilled Herb Flatbread (just be prepared if you go the portions are outrageous!)

Tasting Notes:
This wine smells like an Argentine Malbec should smell. Pungent black pepper, lush blackberries, soft violets and a wet strop of leather. The fruit is bountiful on the nose and there’s great complexity with the spice, floral and earthy aspects. The palate is smooth and full, showing intense blackberry and plum with black pepper on the finish. The tannins are smooth too, but the acid is slightly stronger than I would like. It’s a very enjoyable wine, but not quite exceptional. It’s close. The aromas work harder for this wine than the flavors. -

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