Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tights + Socks = BOOTIGHTS

Image found via weheartit

When your husband, who has an inner temperature of a rotisserie oven, and is seriously obsessed with winter sports, tells you that he is sick of winter and "please can we move down South," then you know something is very very wrong. The temperatures in Connecticut have been quite unbearable, lingering slightly just above or below 20 degrees. I would love to be able to prance about in the snow in some very chic outfit with some cute multicolored tights, but alas, I am wearing those same tights under my pants in order to keep warm in my OWN home. So, when I saw this VERY creative invention in Lucky Magazine, I became instantly intrigued. Created by Shelby Mason, the Bootight is a combination of a tight with the addition of a sock. Now, not only can your toes can stay nice and cozy, they won't be able to claw their way out. For now, they are only available in a few colors, but they have them on sale at Dillards for $21.00 in either mid-calf or ankle height. Now...for that chic ensemble....


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Anonymous said...

Great idea. Good price considering a tight with a High Tec. Soc!