Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesdays are for Mood Boards.....Palm Beach Green...

Yesterday in Connecticut, winds reaching 50 mph and torrential rains ripped through our poor little State. However this morning, I woke up to blue skies, warmer temperatures and grass that was once brown became green again. As Ms. True embarked on an adventure to the warm sands and blue waters of the Dominican Republic very very early this morning, I was inspired by the little gift of green outside my window. I fell hard for this fabulous image from Life Magazine from 1967 and decided on a tonal green palette that would make any Palm Beach wasp proud. All you have to do is add some palm fronds for texture, a few gardenias for scent, a vintage emerald cabachon bib necklace for color and you have a perfectly classic southern Springtime wedding.

A Palm Beach Wedding

Vintage Palm Image:Flickr, Vintage Poster:Flickr Rosa Clara Wedding Gown, Green Necklace:Etsy, Leifsdottir green print dress:Neiman Marcus
Rosa Clara Wedding Dress, Z Gallerie Pavillion, Gardenia flower shoe:L.S. Brownlee
Atonement Movie image:Fabsugar, Palm Dinnerware: Jack Rodgers Sandals: Miss Cavendish, Gardenia Wedding Cake:CakePower.
Vintage Palm Beach Image:Slim Aarons, Z Gallerie Lanterns, Rosa Clara Wedding dress, Vintage woman with Umbrella image: myvintagevogue. Palm frond pillow: Etsy
Sienna Miller image: Vi.sualize.us, Gardenia image:weheartit, Palm image: Etsy, Vintage Givenchy Dress, Decades, Anne Menke image

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