Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesdays are for Mood Boards.....Tomato Red

The minute I saw this fabulous skirt I wanted it!! I love the bold graphic colors paired with the feminine ruffle. It reminds me of a doll from Spain that used to lay on my mother's childhood bed in my Grandmother's house. Although,
I have never ever truly designed a red wedding, I figured there always has to be a first time. So here it goes! I really wanted to show that this color palatte could be used not only for a simple country wedding but for a decadent city wedding as well.

Skirt by Yystudio on Etsy

A bowl of of berries country wedding celebration in July
This has to be a wedding made for July, as all the berries are in full abundance...The contrast of the red tropical prints with the classic stripes in the Sperry tent and tie add a bit of whimsy. If you are going to go red, why not wear a wedding dress with a print? It is a wedding full of outdoor games like croquet, coffee ice cream topped with berries, picnic baskets and fabulous hats!

Tent image: Raj Tents Hat Image:myvintagevogue poppy cake image: flickr woman in grass image:chris blott
Girl image: Preppyteenvogue Croquet image: flickr Poppy plate image: Villeroy & Bosch Zooey Deschanel image: Weheartit Coffee ice cream image: cannelleetvanille.com
Bench image: Skirt image: Etsy Chair image: Portlandmonthlymag.com Tie image: Hermes
Purse image: Wendy Bevan Flower image: Flowers image: Look Magazine: marco palumbo Shoe image: Saks
Suit image: mensusa.com Coca-Cola image: Weheartit Tent image: snippetandink.com Vintage Schiaparelli Gown: debutanteclothing

A decadent city wedding celebration
If you are going to go red in the city, then you have to go all out!! It's all about the lighting and creating a mood.
Sophia Loren meets the Far East!

Red Makeup image: vi.sualize.us Red shoes image: thisnext Cake image: Instyle weddings Dress: Giambattista Valli Dress Red umbrella image: vi.sualize.us
Men's tie image: cuffandcollar.com Red skirt image: imgfave Branches image: vi.sualize.us Plate image: Etsy Sophia Loren image: weheartit
Red Skirt image: Vintage Arrow Shirt ad: vi.sualize.us Venue image: Prince George Ballroom NYC
Vintage Lincoln image: vi.sualize.us Ladies in hallway image: myvintagevogue Ladies in red dresses image: mario dawlat Shell image: polly wreford
Plate image: Geisha image:marco palumbo Max and Cleo red dress image: Nordstrom Wedding dress image: Brides.com

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Crista said...

Makes me think back to that great movie 'Monsoon Wedding'. The colors were so rich and sultry. Oo la la.

Love, love, love it!

wesson said...

Ooohh la la thank you Crista!! I love that movie!! Or like a Kurosawa Film!!