Friday, February 19, 2010

School's Out! Another day of Firsts...

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I can't believe how quickly time flew by and that it is already Winter Break. Didn't they just have a vacation? Alas, we didn't make it to St. Barts this year. However, I got to experience through my child's eyes, a place that I once called home and that I still hold deep in my heart. I still get goosebumps up my spine whenever I enter NYC. The energy and electricity is boundless and there's always that feeling that anything is possible. But it was time. The monster is just about to turn 7 and what better place to take him...The American Museum of Natural History. I honestly hadn't been there since I was his age, so I was just as excited as he was. He was also kind enough to invite his grandparents (my parents) to tag along on this amazing new adventure.
It was almost too easy. We drove in, got there by 10 when the museum opened and literally parked right under it. Which is pretty cool....

"Hurry up Mom...lets' go!!"

It took every restraint for him not to be able to go in and touch everything...
Also, we had to have the discussion that it was alive and now it's dead...good times..Just be prepared for that before you go Moms and Dads!
All kidding aside, as a designer I was in pure heaven. The amazing typography and murals were truly inspiring!

We had been talking about "the" whale for weeks.."How big is it really Mom?". I don't think he was at all disappointed. At the Museum on certain days they actually have sleepovers right underneath the whale..maybe next year.

The colors were overwhelming!

There was no question that the portrait had to be taken underneath "Omi's favorite animal".

We kissed the grandparents goodbye and we headed out into the city hand in hand for a lunch date with Auntie Lisa.
Next time, we will have to go through the live butterfly exhibit...2 hours was just about enough for us...

Just a few blocks away from the Museum (and a favorite old haunt), EJ's Luncheonette is perfect if you are looking for the world's most glorious coffee milkshake!

I am truly blessed to have the most amazing friends in my life. I know I have written about it in past posts but what really makes me happy is the fact that my son appreciates and loves all of these wonderful women too. He has formed a special bond with each of them. I know that down the line the person that he chooses, well.. will have to be a pretty amazing person. They will have to have Lisa's long blond hair and legs, Crista's sense of humor, Anna's soft and soothing voice and Meg's sense of adventure. I loved watching and listening to the dialougue between him and Auntie Lisa, who by the way is married to a rock star..No really she is..Brendan Ryan (Her husband) who is in the group the Bogmen has now with his brother Billy formed a band with, and get this, Gordon Gano formerly of the Violent Femmes. It's called Gordon Gano and the Ryan Brothers..check it out!
So that just elevated her to a whole new level in his book. I have to agree.

Auntie Lisa walked us over to Crumbs..such self control!

Words or images certainly can't help me to express the joyous feeling we both had when we stepped into Crumbs. We love chocolate and we love cupcakes. It's that simple. Not only were the cupcakes to die for and the size of the monster's head but the staff really cared about the customers. The packaging was perfection and their website is a dream!
If I was a bride I would certainly think about calling them up...just saying..

He begged for me to take this picture..I honestly think it was the highlight of his trip.."I took a NYC Taxi!!"

Heading to my parents on Metro North, the super fabulous Lady Train Conductor allowed him to keep his ticket and proudly punched it as quickly as Tom Hanks in The Polar Express.

So, we saw big things, enoromous things, loud things, smelly things, tasty things and tall things but above all it was the small things that mattered. The chocolate milkshake that came out of a steel cup, Grandparents, cupcakes, Trains, Taxi's and even beautiful Auntie Lisa made this a trip he and I will never forget.



Anna Sawin said...

Love this!

We did Yale Peabody this year--next year the Natural History Museum, where I went on field trips when I was a NYC nursery schooler! CHW must have LOVED it, what a great day of memories you are providing for him.

And love your vision of his future gal, she will have to be something indeed. :)

wesson said...

He about jumped out of skin...I would recommend taking one boy at a time for a special treat...I'm glad I waited to take him as the impact was greater...
He does love his ladies!!! Thank you for inspiring him...

yumiko said...

now is a great time to take him! we took Emi two or three years ago and it was sensory overload! she did however, chow down on some hot chocolate over at cafe lautrec on the upw afterwards.

i totally forgot about ej's!!! Ah, the memories!!!