Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesdays are for Mood Boards.....For Regina..Happy Birthday.....

"Auntie Gina" (Regina-Bride to be), My monster, "Auntie Egg" (Meg-Maid of Honor)

Today is a very special Mood Board Tuesday! It's not every day that one of my closest friends gets engaged. I have been extremely blessed over the years to have such amazing groups of friends. One group that is very special and dear to my heart are the "New York Ladies". Comprised of myself and 4 other women, we were "Sex in the City" before "Sex in the City" actually came out. Regina, the baby of the clan, is the one who has just gotten engaged. She started out dabbling in acting many many moons ago in NYC and is now a full fledge working actress in Los Angeles. I deeply admire her perserverance and passion. She is truly my "Little Engine That Could". So, when we got news that our little sis was getting married, the "New York Ladies" jumped into action!

Anyone who knows Regina, knows that she has a very unique style.She was Anthropologie before Anthropologie...but I don't mean sweet, pastelly, vintagey..I mean stripes & checks and plaids all together but somehow she makes it look effortless and flawless.But for her wedding, she's all grown up. The big day is in October of this year at a fabulous Mansion in Long Island NY where it is filled with dark mahogany paneled walls and marble staircases. I see Zooey Deschanel and Grace Kelly mixed into one. A bit of glamour with a dash of quirkiness. She is marrying a Film Editor, so I can only imagine how creative this event can and will be! I will keep you posted as the process and planning unfolds....

Happy Birthday Little Sis...We will offer you the moon and the stars!!

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