Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let your imagination grow..Music

Music has always played a huge part in my life. It all started with my brother and I running and dancing around our parents house to their John Denver and Peter,Paul and Mary albums (yes..albums). Later came the likes of Shaun Cassidy and dare I say Debbie Boone, which really had a short shelf life compared to the Rolling Stones. And how can I forget "Grease", which my parents had to endure for 9 hours straight on our yearly expedition to Vermont. High School began the years of the mixed tape (yes tape..I did say it). Sitting with a stack of albums and/or the radio and patiently recording song after song....(only those brought up during this time can honestly comprehend the dedication).
Finally, in college came the CD and sadly my albums were packed away in boxes.
Unfortunately, I didn't get the musical gene, that was given to my brother who taught himself to play any instrument and now creates operas for animation. Nonetheless, I love music so much that I have had to put myself into iTunes rehab.
When our monkey was born, I was forced to delve into the world of "Baby Beluga" and "Fruit Salad". Well, thank god for our really cool and hip friends the Taylors, who transplanted themselves back home from Seattle. Last June, for the monster's birthday, they gave him the most amazing CD ever! It has traveled through 4 states and now has a semi-permanent home in our kitchen, ready to play at any given time. So who are these musical geniuses that entertain kids while not allowing their parents to go insane, you say? It's none other than Recess Monkey. Based out of Seattle, 3 elementary school teachers decided to form a band, write music about life as a kid and voila, genius was born. Ok, I know what you're thinking..Kid's music? Really, Lucinda? I can personally guarantee that you will love this. It is by far one of the best driving CD's ever. If you like Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello, Bare Naked Ladies, The Beatles and Squeeze then this group is for you! The melodys are great and perfect for car singing and the lyrics..don't get me started! I absolutely love how they used their imagination and focused on every day topics that kids deal with like Lice, Sack Lunches, Getting/wanting a pet, new shoes and ice packs . It's like Larry David for kids.

In all seriousness, I would even consider their "Firefly Lullaby" as a first dance at one's wedding.

So fill your Easter baskets, give it to Parents who've had ENOUGH of "Fruit Salad" and spread the word that Kids music doesn't have to be unbearable but enjoyable!

Oh, and if you can hum just a few bars of "Haven't Got a Pet Yet" for Steven Taylor, you just might get a smile or even a wink...

My Favorite: Sack Lunch

The Monster's Favorite: The Teens

Thank you Crista, Steven, Olivia, Gabriella and Jackson for making this world a better musical place!


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Crista said...

I can't tell you how many times I've dropped off the kids and continued to listen to that cd (singing, too) without realizing it. So brand my forehead with a great big L and rock on, little insects. As for firefly, it has always reminded me of the very sweetest moments in my life.