Monday, March 22, 2010

Not just for Grandma... The Art of Crocheting

Crochet LOVE!

Wood and Wool Stools, on Etsy, discovered on decor8

Crochet Earrings, by Tania Nova for Etsy, discovered on

A couple of years ago while I was living in NYC my best friend Marissa introduced me to crocheting. I quickly fell in love with the hobby, however I never learned beyond the basic stitch and lost interest. The blanket I started, became a project that I never seemed to be able to finish (it remains a long skinny lap blanket or could maybe even pass for a make shift scarf, rolled up in a bag it sits in my closet). Over the weekend while doing spring cleaning I rediscovered the half complete blanket and without even really searching discovered a couple of really talented ladies that are doing the coolest things with the craft. Totally re-inspired I am thinking of pulling my crochet needles back out, I am just in LOVE with these benches and must have a pair of those yellow hoops!

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