Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesdays are for Mood Boards.....Easter..

As I am watching the Northeast become Waterworld and my basement a swimming pool, I am reminded of the glorious colors that will be sprouting like crazy once this horrid rain has stopped. Easter has always been my favorite holiday, and as I was bringing the books out for the monster, I was reminded of one of my favorite books. The Golden Egg Book by Margaret Wise Brown and Illustrated by Leonard Weisgard. It always brought immense joy to me after a long winter, as the colors seemed to jump right off the page and awaken my senses. But what about those lovely pastels you say?! Don't worry I've got that covered as I am seriously loving H&M's new Garden Collection. How cute would this dress be for a wedding?? And what's even better..they are made with environmentally friendly sustainable materials.

Plucked Petals Measuring Spoons: Anthropologie,Purple Earrings:, Martina Satin Peep-Toes; J.Crew, Egg Lanterns:Anders Gramer
Pink Flowers:FFFFOUND, Table Image:Miles Aldridge, Spring Flowers: Nibs Blog,
Cupcakes:Polka Dot Bride, Florist Measuring Cups: Anthropologie, White Dress: H&M, Bracelet: Anthropologie
Vintage Easter Hat: Flickr, Shoes Image:FFFFOUND
Crocus Image:Flickr, Dress: J.Crew, Watercolor Clutch: Anthropologie

Golden Egg Book:Amazon, Paper Umbrellas:, Lanterns: The Grassy Road
Cupcakes cups: Wemetinabar, Dress:Neiman Marcus, Verdant Acres Dinner Plates; Anthropologie, Lips:Imgfave
Egg Carton Flowers: vi.sualize.us, Girl Image:Chris Everhard, Vintage Poster, Dress: H&M, Bowls: Anthropologie
Vintage Easter Hat: Flickr, Glasses Image:Polly Wreford, Rug: Anthropologie



yumiko said...

Love love love!!!! hey, how about Country Bunny too!!!

wesson said...

That you Miss Yumiko!! I know..one of my favorites!!!

Danielle of Loukoum said...

OMG. I love the little mini dress. Perfect for Spring!