Thursday, April 22, 2010

Let your imagination grow..mine....

There is a quote by John F. Kennedy that goes, "One person can make a difference, and every person should try." These are very powerful words...Yet they are very true and I am very lucky to have met such a person in my life.

New doors open all the time in one's life..some good some bad..But I have learned to always open them no matter what, because you never know what lies on the other side...treasures and gifts may be there waiting for you..

Without knowing it, she has inspired and changed the face of weddings on the Connecticut Shoreline. She inspired me to open Chocolate Creative Design. Without her..there wouldn't be a True and Wesson or a Wedding Row...So This is MY story of how it all happened....

I know exactly when this particular door opened...September 2003. First it was a phone call, then an email, then a phone call...We were renting at the Island as our beloved house was being renovated, the Monster was 3 months old and I was very hard to track....I should have known then that her powers transcend..She finally found me. She wanted to know EVERTHING about the Island..most importantly..the availability. However, she couldn't give me a date or even a year as when this momentous occasion would happen...she hadn't received the ring yet..Then, she left as quickly as she came...3 months later, another email.."Was it rented yet?"...No..but we crossed our fingers and there was hope that she would receive the ring over the holidays...but it didn't happen. Finally, May 24, happened..I think, I was in the top five to get the news....this is how our relationship began..

I had been planning and designing weddings for a few years and then it happened...the Monster came. During my pregnancy and after, I was unable to doing anything mind was in a fog and sadly it was hard to even pick up my beloved camera. I was almost ready to take a break from weddings...until she came. Ours was a creative collaboration from the start. It was a collaboration filled with laughter and imagination. She was as crazy as I. She gave me back my voice, my mind and my creativity. Her energy was infectious. As coordinators/planners/designers, we really are like Mary Poppins...We carry our creative bag of tricks, make everything better with a spoonful of sugar and then we leave with the wind, umbrella in hand...This time..she was my Mary Poppins..but with a pink umbrella. Her bag was a pink and green grosgrain ribbon clutch and her songs of choice were from Neil Diamond. She is the only bride that has ever wanted it to rain the day of her wedding. This is because she had an amazing song she wanted to sing..

It was through her that I met and collaborated for the first time the following ladies: Beth Chapman from the White Dress by the Shore, Christine Toner from Stonington Design and Paperie, Anna Lathrop from Gourmet Galley and Yumiko Fletcher from Hana Floral Design...thus the "team" was born. She challenged us, allowed us to do what we do best and now five years later landed a spread on Style me Pretty. Looking back on it today, I can't believe it was that long has certainly become a timeless wedding..

Modern Mary Poppin's clutch...It was the color inspiration for the entire wedding.

A little something Blue...Fabulous Louboutains'..I think she even wears them to bed..

Peonies...That's all she ever wanted..even to this day..

Before the wedding, we sent this crazy homemade book and an invitation to Martha Stewart in hopes that they would come...At MSW, is was known as the "Green Book".

After the ceremony, people arrived slowly over the causeway and were greeted by these handsome gentlemen underneath the apple trees.

She was the perfect mother of the bride...full of grace, a sense of humor and pure love for her daughter..

Top image: Corinna Raznikov, Bottom image: Sarah Crawford

It is a tradition in the "Island Family" to have a flag made for the couple getting married. It was the first time that I had ever been invited as a guest to a rehearsal dinner...I was to present it to them then..Unfortunately I was so choked up that my husband had to do it...Months later I received this image from them on their was certainly well loved..

Top image found on

She was obsessed with adirondack chairs, so she decided to make them their guest book.
Pans filled with grass and miniature chairs held beautiful escort cards designed by Christine Toner of Stonington Design and Paperie.

She wanted everyone to be included in the event. Her Sister and Brother-in-Law own Zavalas Restaurant in New London and Milagro in Stonington. Both restaurants have the best margaritas EVER...Hibiscus Margaritas..Yum!!

With those tasty margaritas and a honeymoon set for Cabo San Lucas,,,how could you not have a mariachi band?
The paper was delicious...Christine Toner of Stonington Design and Paperie certainly out-did herself!!

Peonies fillled vintage milk glass compotes and vases that she feverishly collected and borrowed from family. Flowers were by Zuzu's Petals.
No cake for this couple..just miniature fondue pots at every setting filled with chocolate and adorned with fruits and pound cake..

It was the most inspiring, fun wedding weekend ever!!

So the pink umbrella was here to stay....I took a break in 2007 and she designed, produced and coordinated 2 of the most beautiful weddings ever on Island Farm.
This is when Chocolate Creative Design opened (inspired by her) and then Ms. True walked into our lives..Shortly thereafter True and Wesson began..
It was at these weddings that Sarah True and I met the super talented Miss Jennie Fresa...who has forever changed my life with false eyelashes..

Images by Craig Paulson & Sarah Crawford

Ashley & Elliott

Images by Jamie Collins

Alice & Brennan

So she had to leave as quickly as she came...her job was done for now...she had a new one that involved 8 paws, 4 hands and 4 feet...

And the pink continues....

I miss her every day and I am eternally grateful for her gifts...
And who knows, maybe the pink umbrella might just make another appearance again...and if it does, I will surely let you it always brings laughter, song, creativity , inspiration and imagination...

Love to the Crawfords..Sarah, Chris, Phoebe, Charlotte, George and Loo-Loo.



Anna Sawin said...

Such a great story--and you wrote it so beautifully--plus all the gorgeous photos, hoooray!

lucinda said...

Thank you Ms. Sawin!! Yo just made my day!!