Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day...

She had been waiting for us for years. When we finally did arrive, we both learned to draw before we could walk. She raised us in an area where being a doctor, lawyer or banker was to be expected. Being an artist was not. She took the path less traveled by. She brought in paints, clay, pencils, crayons, printmaking supplies and pads and pads of paper. She filled an entire room with these things so that we could immerse ourselves in our passion. Although we still had to take tennis lessons like every good wasp, she still found time to enroll us in art classes. She felt she wasn't creative and would never be an artist. She was wrong. All mother's are artists. We are creative, have an amazing imagination and most importantly, we have passion. If those aren't the traits of an artist then honestly I don't know what is.

So thank you Mom for allowing us to be who are are, provide support even when you felt you couldn't and help us to find and nurture our passion.

Today is your day...Happy Mother's Day!