Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesdays are for Mood Boards.....Pantone's colors of 2009 & 2010

Image found via flickr

When I stumbled across this amazing vintage Vogue cover, something resonated in my heart. It made me...happy. It took me awhile to figure out what it was exactly that evoked such a feeling and then..wham...it hit me..The wallpaper in the painting is so similar to the one that hung in my grandmother's guest room in Florida, that it sent chills up my spine. Now, I know that my mother is laughing right now, as she can attest to the fact that I absolutely begged and begged her to get the same wallpaper for my room at home. Sadly, I was told that the wallpaper was "unavailable".. hmmm...It broke my heart and (unfortunately) I succumbed to the rainbow border instead. Now, I have never been a real yellow fan, that's Miss True's thing, but that wallpaper with it's happy smiling flowers of yellow and orange made me fall in love with interior design. It wasn't just a paper, it was a smell, a taste and a warmth. My grandmother's house in Florida was a very very magical place. We would get off the plane and immediately smell the orange blossoms. The warm air, filled with the perfume, thawed out my scrawny New England bones. Fresh squeezed orange juice in the kitchen awaited our arrival. Spanish moss dripped from the trees like spider webs. Sounds of the evening sprinklers lulled us to sleep in the orange and yellow room. Ok so I'm a bit obsessed...So why not design a wedding using the pantone colors of 2009 and 2010 which seem to practically jump right off the painting?
Who knows..maybe someone else had the very same wallpaper....
Now off to find that wallpaper....Mom????

Vintage vogue cover: flickr, Heart Pins image:weheartit, Pears Image:weheartit, Dresses Image: ffffound
Butter dish: Anthropologie, Necklace: Anthropologie, Cake:wishpotwedding, Bike Image:weheartit
Image:imgfave, Living room image:thisisglamorous, Glass: Anthropologie, Dresser image, wedding gown:thisisglamorous
Plate Image:dandelionandgrey, Umbrella:, Teapot: etsy, Car image:oncewed
Painting:, Table image: ffffound, bouquet image: Fabric:pitcherandpearl, Chair image:weheartit

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Netanya said...

I absolutely love this inspiration board. These colors would be perfect for a wedding theme. By the way, I love the dress in the inspiration board :)

Thanks for sharing this,


TRUE Event said...

This would be my wedding if I redesigned it. LOVE!

wesson said...

Thank you so much Netanya!! And Miss True..Happy Birthday!