Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesdays are for Mood Boards.....St. Moritz & The Baroness Von Schrader..

image found via at vintage art posters uk

Ok ok...I am completely obsessed with vintage posters...I just can't help it, the colors seem to evoke great joy in me.
So you may have to bear with me on a few more boards as I slowly get it out of my system.
When I first saw this poster, it was love at first sight. The colors, the movement of the graphics and let's face it..the chicness of St. Moritz. Yet, as I started putting images together for the board, I realized that it was becoming something other than where I had originally started. There were no fabulous place settings, no men's attire, and certainly no food. It became completely feminine with bows, ruffles, shoes and fabulous hats..It was then that I realized what or whom I was channeling...
The minute she came on screen, she scared the bejesus out of me. With her perfectly coiffed hair, dramatically lined eyebrows and a wardrobe that emphasized every part of her womanly figure. Let's not forget her smoke infused voice...She was the Baroness Von Schrader.
Before Ginger and Mary Ann, there was the Baroness and Maria. Two entirely different characters, in both mind and physique. As girls growing up, we were forced to choose to be one or the other. But what about those of us who are both? Maria with her sensible haircut (I bet if it was long, it would have been in a ponytail), her magical effect on children and let's not forget those chintz drapes turned into frocks..perfect for wiping off frog goo, dirt and pinecone debris. And then there's the Baroness, hair that was so beautiful and shiny it was like silkworms had spun it into a tower of perfection, high and impractical heels that would never ever make it onto the grass, a wit and charm that would make anyone fall to their knees, and let's not forget the bold confidence when she walked into the room with an awe inspiring gown that was so tight you had to wonder how she walked in it.
So like many of us, I had chosen Maria. However, there will always be a Baroness that lives inside of me. Her death defying heels and clothing(and a drawer full of Spanx) line my closet just waiting for the perfect moment.
So I dedicate this board to all of the inner Baronesses and Gingers out there. I will meet you on terrace at the Palace Hotel overlooking the Alps, sipping champagne, wearing sparkly high heels, a vintage fur stole and a Jessica Rabbitesque gown.
A girl can dream, can't she???.......

The Fabulous Baroness Von Schrader...It's like Grace Kelly with an edge...

Drape turned frock or glittery gown...you decide..
Bow image: weheartit, Flower image:FFFFOUND, Legs image:inspireme, Vintage Vogue cover:Flickr, Girl in car image: Corrie Bond
Bouquet image:FFFFOUND, Envelope: Chocolate Creative Design & Neither Snow, Vintage Poster:vintage art posters uk, Shoe image:
Girl image:laceandtea, Dress image:FFFFOUND, Skirt image:thefrenchmouse, Dress image:FFFFOUND
Lingerie image:Polly Wreford, Woman with hat image;weheartit, Wallpaper: anthropologie
Shoe image:imgfave, Record player image:weheartit, Dress: Pronovias Fresa Gown, Cupcake image:FFFFOUND

Board created and designed by Chocolate Creative Design


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