Monday, June 28, 2010

Airplanes and grapes....

The first meeting took place at Chamard Vineyards over a fabulous glass of wine and amazing beauty products by the lovely and talented Miss Jennie Fresa. Honestly, does life get any better than that? We were in the right place to be inspired as Kerry & Andrew's wedding would be taking place at Saltwater Farm Vineyard in July. Miss True would be whipping up a confectionary dream design of modern elegance for the couple (my god, the linens are AMAZING!) and I..the paper. Lots and lots of paper. Kerry knew exactly what she wanted...Colorful, modern, fun, a touch of femininity and a sense of humor...Ironically, this is exactly who she is...She has two of my favorite characteristics...Hysterically funny and the ability to laugh at oneself...These are the perfect qualities for any bride planning their wedding. So with that in mind, the Save the Date was born. It was a mix of clean, modern, slightly colorful with the addition of the grape motif that would be used throughout the wedding.

So in following suit with the Save the Date, we decided to add a touch of femininity to the mix..a wonderful loopy font!!

The gorgeous calligraphy was hand done by Neither Snow.

In keeping with the square shape and the fact that they wanted their guests to have all the correct information in hand, we felt that a one piece fold out would work perfectly. The vintage airplane illustration was designed to add another motif as the Vineyard was once an airport hangar.

I love the simplicity of the it allowed me to finally do a bit of hand drawing..

Giving the illusion of an airplane ticket, the reply card tag was just big enough so that guests could write a little note on the back..
A simple little map laying out the ceremony site and the reception venue.

A brief description of Saltwater Farm Vineyard as well as reminding ladies of the cool evenings in Stonington.


How amazing is this address stamp!! Thank you Neither Snow!!
Leave it me me to find another place for that plane. ......

Of course we needed to create some custom thank you note cards..
Just for the bride and in time for her shower!!

Below are the ones for the the fabulous couple..
There will be many more treats to see after this weekend..Miss True is heading up an all star team of Hana Floral Design, Jordan Catering, Jennie Fresa, Saltwater Farm Vineyard and the fabulous duo..Justin & Mary Marantz!!

To Kerry & Andrew...Enjoy your beautiful day...It will be absolutely Amazing!!
A Huge Thank you for making me laugh SO hard and for allowing me to be as crazy creative as I wanted to.

Images by Chocolate Creative Design



Erin*Sparkle&Hay said...

LOVE every bit of it!

wesson said...

Thank you Miss Erin!! I love how different they both came out!! It's the way it should be..same venue..different couples!! Now on to your Invitations!!!