Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesdays are for Mood Boards... Eclectic Summer Wedding on the Water

Connecticut River Museum, Essex CT

Summer Wedding on the water

This board was created for Theresa and John's upcoming July wedding at the Connecticut River Museum in Essex. Essex is a quintessential New England town, with the most adorable main street, lined with antique stores, gift shops, restaurants, the Griswold Inn (a historic inn) and one of my favorite wine bars in the state. It is the perfect location for guests to stay, all within walking distance to the venue.

When I first met with Theresa she described the mood as whimsical and fun, with unexpected personalized details, eclectic, and crafty. Theresa is a fashion designer so I knew that we would have alot of fun in designing her event. The color palette reminds me of the perfect summer day, bright accents of yellow like the sun and varying shades of blue and turquoise like the water. Lots of detail, layers of texture, and vivid pops of color!
Can't wait to share the pictures of their wedding with you which will be shot by the uber talented Dave Robbins.


M said...

you, my friend, know the way to my heart! i love essex! all of our bridal party stayed at the gris & we were this close to booking ct river museum, but ended up going with the florence griswold museum (highly recommend!) also, i have a mild obsession with mason jars, hence my blog, athousandmasonjars.com (just started, but having fun!)

TRUE Event said...

Thanks for love! What a fabulous name for the blog, i have an obsession with mason jars as well. They work in so many fabulous/different ways. :)