Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesdays are for Mood Boards.....Vintage Stripes..

Honestly.. I'm just an old sap....Ever since I was little, I have been extremely sensitive to the five senses. No matter which of the 5 it is, I have had the ability to catalog them away in a vault and bring them up any time to take me to the place I once was. When I saw the Vintage Vogue cover, I couldn't help but be transformed immediately to my grandparent's house. Chock full of down wrapped couches, vibrant and fun fabrics, the smell of filterless camel cigarettes, wine and scotch, great stinky cheeses, coke in a glass bottle and the din of a golf game playing on the television amidst the snores from many of my relatives. The style was a combination of the 30's & 40's...Perfectly wasp with wonderful greens(she loved frogs!), robin's egg blues, corals, creams and a fabulous cherry red banister.. I remember sinking into the quilted couch (it was soft but it loved to leave summer legs with track marks), listening to the adults chatting (blah blah blah) and staring up at this amazing painting of a woman in a hat. I can't tell you how many countless hours that I stared at that woman..So the minute I saw the Vogue Cover..Kapow!! I was there. When I look at the images below..it certainly doesn't surprise me now where I got my design aesthetic from....It's been safe in the vault but sometimes it just happens to sneak out without me knowing exactly where it came from...

Groovy Skirt Mom!!
Lace tablecloth, simple candlesticks, chicken, peas, potatoes, milk, Pepperidge Farm rolls, Sarah Lee pound cake, Indian Headresses, Lily Pulitzer and a wallpaper I would die for!! The benefit to being the youngest?? Sitting next to my Opa!!

vintage poster;flickr, star image; weheartit, living room; thisisglamorous, green dress; thisisglamorous candlestick; anthropologie
Green stripe tie; Harbor Direct, dessert, green skirt, anthropologie, switch plate: anthropologie, living room, thisisglamorous
beach image; weheartit, necklace; anthropologie, Vintage vogue cover; flickr, striped cupcakes holders;hiphostess
Vintage books, green stripe table; thisisglamorous, chandelier; anthropologie, wedding gown;martha stewart
lady image; emily mcgregor, dress anthropologie, knob: anthropologie, vintage dragonflies; weheartit, stripe pillow;mattersofstyle, stripe hat;e4hats

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Erin*Sparkle&Hay said...

if you find that wallpaper I want some too!

Margie Glissmeyer said...

Bedford was such a beautiful and special place. And you've captured some of the highlights so well! For me, the smell of boxwoods and summer rain always take me back, too. Such great memories there!

wesson said...

Ooohh Margie..I forgot that one...some people hate that smell but I love it!! It was right by the pool...What about the smell of the poolhouse and the cat clock?? The scratchiness of the burlap diving board and hopping over bees between the stones..Thank you..I could go on for days...