Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Wine Tasting... Beach Friendly Wine in a Box

Wine of the Week
2006 Boho Vineyards Central Coast Chardonnay

Next Week we are heading down for our annual week on the Outerbanks of North Carolina. It is my favorite week of the year. Long runs on the beach, crashing waves, time to read a book, nap in the sun, and happy hours as the sun sets over the dunes. I was reading an article recently that raved about Boho Vineyards wine in a box, which at first made me cringe, thinking about wine coming out of anything but a bottle just seemed cheap. I looked up Boho Vineyards online and review after review said this is one to try and perfect for the beach! Their motivation for the switch from bottle to box was to help consumers reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing the wine quality they expect from premium Central Coast wines. Which makes this wine in a box even more appealing. The 3-liter box is the equivalent of 4 regular bottles, with a price under $24 a box it is a real bargain.

What the Experts are saying...

This well- made chardonnay is the equivalent of four bottles of wine priced at
$6 each. It's not an ultra-complex beverage, but it's clean and fresh, with good acidity and fruit-to-oak balance.- Baltimore Sun So how's the wine? Actually, quite pleasant, representing with clarity and balance more the tropical-fruit side of chardonnay than the citric, melon and apple. It isn't a barrel-chested example of California chardonnay. It's more demure, intended to be taken at the table with light spring cuisine. It isn't an oaky, alcoholic monster meant for cocktail-hour sipping, pondering and discussing. It put me in mind of a carafe of the house wine that would be put on the table of a bistro in Burgundy, a small place in a cellar, so casual the dogs wouldn't be leashed. -The Sacramento Bee

I've tried the 2006 Boho Chardonnay, and it's just what I'd expect from a Central Coast chardonnay selling for $10-$12 a bottle. It has a bright, fruity aroma with hints of lemon and pear, full flavors, good structure and a dry finish. No doubt about it: The wine is dry. -The Star-Ledger

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