Thursday, July 1, 2010

Let your imagination grow..Sticks, Fluffernutters & Stones..that's what little boys are made of...

First Fluffernutters-2010

Do you remember your first Fluffernutter?
The perfect mix of white bread, gooey marshmallows and sticky peanut butter?

It was like heaven in your mouth....How could it be possible that a sandwich like this existed?
I love that something so simple can bring such joy.
I can't remember mine ( I just pray that I leave the house with pants on) but it's the little monsters in our lives that help relive those moments and allow our imaginations to grow..

Sadly, I will never be able to dress a little girl in sparkly shoes, pink sundresses or beaded barrettes,
but I do know boys...For the past 7 years and 9 months ( I certainly count in utero...) I have delved into the psyche of little boys and men ( I am outnumbered in my house 3 to 1). They certainly are interesting creatures and VERY different from the rest of us ladies, women and girls. As I look at my husband, I now understand why men are they way they are...
They are born that way..and honestly, they don't change very much as they grow up.
I am constantly having to use my imagination in order to keep up in the world of the male species..
Below I have listed a few facts and tips that just might give you a little insight...

1. " The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" This is probably the truest statement of all time! It starts at birth
(I had to put cereal early in his formula to keep up with his appetite) and continues throughout their lives. They absolutely, positively appreciate a home cooked meal (no matter what it tastes like). It seems so simple but they will love you forever. Just make sure it's hot and there's a lot of it.

2. Using the word "Race" in any sentence will get you to where you want to go. I found that making anything into a race, "who is the fastest cleaning up", "who can run to the car first" can certainly end those classic fits of moving to the next destination.

3. Boys and men love rocks. They can't walk by one without touching it, picking it up and usually throwing it. Might I suggest using #2 to move them to the next destination or you could be at the same place till sundown.

4. Boys and men love sticks. I think it offers balance to the species, much like a tightrope walker. Later as they grow up, they will find other sticks like golf clubs and fishing poles to satisfy their "stick" need.

5. Everything can become a weapon. We don't allow guns in our house but I have seen many a paper toilet roll, stick, pencil you name it, it has become a gun. They are like mini MacGyvers turning anything found inside or outside into a weapon.

6. Boys and men love to touch. You name it they touch it...themselves, others..etc..This is how they express themselves..I certainly don't get it as I love my personal space, but as you see on the football fields, patting someone's behind is like us hugging or side kissing each other.

7. Boys and men like to jump. They like to jump off of tall things..very very tall things...I have learned that babies do bounce but at some point there will be a broken bone. It's a right of passage in the male world so step back, watch and make sure you have your insurance card in hand at ALL times.


8. They form amazing, long lasting friendships...They know how to forgive and move on...No grudges..No drama...
Just Fun!

Enjoy your men & boys...They certainly are quite different from the rest of us, but they definitely show us how to live in the moment, stop thinking so much and enjoy life to the fullest.



Anonymous said...

How true - race you to the Fluf!


Anna Sawin said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! With all my heart! Just tripped over a stick before writing this.