Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesdays are for Mood Boards.....Happy on the Lake...

Every year we make the pilgrimage up to Vermont for a week in a rustic cottage right on Lake Champlain. There is no internet or television and it roughly takes about 2 days to rid yourself of the electronic world and finally decompress. When it does finally happen...It's sheer heaven. Two cars get filled to the brim with sheets..check..pillows..check...towels..check..fishing poles..check...dog..check...monster...hey where is he?..
Get in the car NOW!!
After the 6 hour adventure through 3 states, 7 bathroom breaks and a pound of goldfish strewn all over the car floor, we are welcomed to the cool breezes of Lake Champlain. The cottage has been in the family for years and years and the decor is a wonderful mismatch of various eras. It is filled with various shades of greens and oranges. It is a warm and happy place. A place where you kick off your shoes, flop onto a soft and worn armchair and relax in the distilled light of the day. Light dances off the Lake and the warm breezes easily lull you to sleep. This year I might even take a nap in the hammock..But it's hard as it's so beautiful and I love to watch the light change throughout the day.
So I couldn't help but dream of a summer wedding on the lake..filled with oranges and greens..soft breezes..Coloful Sailboats...Wildflowers..Record Players...retro prints..and delicious food made from the ingredients of local farms...
Images by Chocolate Creative Design- C.I. 2010

Summer Wedding on the Lake
Bride image:weheartit, Vases: Anthropologie, Canoe Print:Richard Bozman, Skirt: Anthropologie
Dress: J.Crew, Rug: Anthropologie, Sailboat Image:automatism, Tie Image: theweddingplanner
Vintage record player:weheartit, Chair: Anthropologie, Necklace: Etsy, Plate Image: Anthropologie
Plate: Anthropologie, Lake Image:weheartit, Apricot tart: Cannelle et Vanille, Oar Image:Silvertip, Dress: Anthropologie

Board created and designed by Chocolate Creative Design


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