Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesdays are for Mood Boards.....MidSummer Night's Dream...

As the tempertaures continue to soar here in the Northeast (it's only July!!), there seems to be a hazy film that is lightly dusted over everything...On the shoreline, we tend to get fog which blankets anything and everything..even making Islands disappear...When I saw this Vintage Poster, I couldn't resist playing off the muted tones and recreating a Midsummer Night's Dream wedding..
Doesn't she seem so perfectly cool and dry? I am not sure about the man in the tux!

MidSummer Night's Dream
Shoe image:weheartit, Tie image:goingtothechapel, Dress: J.Crew, Flower image:dailybitsofbeauty, Chair image:weheartit
Bouquet:goingtothechapel, Bridesmaids:weheartit, Vintage Poster:flickr, Print: Anthropologie
Hat Image:, Invitation:goingtothechapel, Shoe image, thisisglamorous
Girl Image;, Dress:gypsyrosewrites, Perfume image:thisisglamorous, Earrings: Anthropologie
Girl in Boat:Everythingfabulous Girls image: thefrenchmouse, Chair Image: ffffound, Strawberry Shortcake:goingtothechapel, Bed image:
Invitation Image:Etsy, Cake Image: Brides, Table Image:thisisglamorous

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